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So we have drawer pulls in all the bathrooms that don’t catch wires. – Bathroom Drawer Electrical Outlets design ideas and photos. GardenWeb user, beaglesdoitbetter, had an outlet professionally installed inside her master bath vanity and I’m left wondering why this isn’t more common.

bathroom vanity drawer outlet 2I am wanting to install an outlet in the back of a bathroom cabinet drawer. It would obviously need to be able to pull out when open and then recoil when the drawer closes again. Has anyone been asked to supply power to inside of a vanity drawer? A client of mine has requested this for keeping counter space clear of appliances such as cell phone chargers and such. Plug a power strip into the outlet and mount that into the drawer. It will need to be an additional receptacle outlet of the required 20 amp GFI branch circuit for the bathroom. Instead, why not just put an outlet in the drawer itself and save yourself some trouble? You can follow Adam Dachis, the author of this post, on,, and. It’s a very simple idea, but as Remodling Magazine points out, it’s a great way to plug in your blow drier and store it conveniently in a bathroom drawer.

I would like put an electrical outlet in the back of a bathroom vanity drawer so that my wife can keep her hairdryer plugged into the outlet and then just have to open the drawer and pull out the hairdryer, ready-to-go. Softclose drawer, full extension, GCFI receptacle mounted to the back, your charger stuff, your hair dryer, etc. When i did our bathroom,i put a plug inside,but have never plugged anything into it,how i handled it was i cut the side of the drawer down to 2. As part of some of his vanity designs, Charleston, S.C., remodeler Bob Fleming includes a much appreciated feature: a hairdryer drawer. The drawer has an outlet in the back, so homeowners can use the dryer and tuck it away in a drawer all without unplugging it. Gramercy Park Kitchen and Bath Remodel Puts Architect to the Test.

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bathroom vanity drawer outlet 3Docking Drawers take control of clutter in connected homes. Empty drop zones while charging devices in, bathrooms, kitchens, locker rooms and offices. The K-99678-SH8 adjustable shelf includes built-in electrical outlets on the front edge. Explore breathtaking designs and bathroom storage solutions for all spaces. Installing electrical outlets in these places can make your life easier and home prettier. With inserts, a vanity drawer can organize hair care tools for quick use. By integrating an electrical outlets into the vanity drawer AND designing a special holster, the blowdryer has finally found a home of its own. I was first introduced to this sink in the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year in Las Vegas. From the clean, customizable look to the graceful feel of the slow-close drawer, a vanity makes an ideal centerpiece for your room. Solid Birch Frame with MDF Center Panel Glue & Staple or Metal Clip Assembly Full Overlay Doors and Drawers Under Mount Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Glides Concealed European Style Hinges with Soft Close Feature UV Coated Natural Interior.

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The SALEM BROWN Vanity features drawer boxes with double rabbet joints and thick bottoms for long-lasting durability. I love the idea of hidden electrical outlets in the bathroom. They cut a hole in the drawer for the hair dryer to sit in, and a little divider to keep the toothbrush from falling over. My bathroom vanity is almost the exact same set up. Master Bath Vanity. I built this vanity for our master bathroom in June 2003. There is an outlet mounted in the back of the middle drawer of the center bay (in the drawer back itself, not behind the drawer). The experts at share their top clever bathroom vanity storage ideas. Placing the sink off-center allows for three vanity drawers, space under the sink and maximum counter space.