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At what height-above finnish floor to center of rough-in opening, do you mount your boxes for the light above bathroom sink vanities????? However, nothing can ruin a bathroom’s look like lighting installed at an awkward height. Finding the right height to hang your bathroom lighting is as simple as following a few easy steps. This will assist you in determining if your vanity light will fit into the location of the existing junction box, given height of the mirror, wall, and fixture. You may have to repaint or repair the wall if the backplate is significantly different than the existing fixture.

bathroom vanity light fixture height 2Wall sconces installed as task lighting on either side of a mirror or vanity must be spaced 36 to 40 inches apart to avoid shadows. Generally, sconces should be 66 inches above the floor, but you can adjust this as needed to ensure the top of the sconce is high enough to keep light from shining directly in your eyes. Vanity lighting is primarily utilitarian. Measure the height of the mirror and divide this number by two to locate the centerline. Decorating Bathroom Mirrors. See more about Bathroom Light Fixtures, Bathroom Vanity Lighting and Bath Light.

Ferguson’s Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide explains products and styles of bathroom lighting available including Vanity Lighting, Wall Sconces and more. The sconces should be equal height on either side of the mirror and positioned to fill in the sides of your face with light. I’m wondering if anyone has a rule-of-thumb height for mounting the box for a light or lights over a bathroom vanity? Sure there may be some rule of thunb,BUT i really cant see how with the numerous choices of mirrors and fixtures out there today. Bathroom Sconce Height Alluring with Vanity Bathroom Mirror Light Simple Bathroom Vanity Light Height, gallery of Bathroom Sconce Height added on

Bathroom Lighting Installation Height

The standard height for hanging a chandelier in ambient use is 7 feet, but adjust this as needed depending on the size of the fixture, your ceiling heights, heights of the room’s occupants, etc. Bathroom Vanity Lighting: Measure the length of the bathroom mirror (or mirrors). Discover our big range of innovative bathroom lighting solutions at low prices. Our range includes lamps you can place around the mirror so you have a better view of what you’re doing, plus bathroom lights for walls and ceiling that help create a more relaxing atmosphere. STAN ceiling/wall lamp, white Diameter: 5 Height: 9 Diameter. Vanity lights are typically either two sconces on either side of the mirror or one single bar of lighting above the mirror. The proper height and spacing is essential to avoiding shadows on your face as you look into the mirror and providing adequate illumination. EL-200 ENERGY STAR Interior Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture. Model: EL-200-213. Height, 5. Width, 19. Projection: 4.5. Back Plate: 9” x 4.5”. Browse our selection of Bathroom Fixtures and other Lighting Fixtures at HeightUpdate. Over ten thousand bathroom vanity sconces, bathbars, and lighted mirrors let you perfect the brightness, warmth, mood and theme of your bathroom until it reflects your lifestyle, your family and your entire home.

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