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Try planting an old bathtub as a raised bed garden. It’s easy! Don’t miss this set up guide to see what you need to know to plant a vintage tub. I inherited this vintage, enameled-steel clawfoot tub from the previous owners after I moved into my house a few years ago. I started looking into no-dig methods for building raised beds, which pile on layers of organic materials that decompose over a season to create humus-rich earth. With this in mind, having come across some old bath tubs, I decided to create some raised beds, building up the soil using a layer mulch recipe rich in a mix of nutrients.

bathtub of a raised bed 2A claw-foot, plumbed bathtub is nestled within a niche of raised-bed planters. who doesn’t want a bath tub in the garden? outdoor tub – no nasty hot tub. Old laundry tubs can be transformed into herb gardens or worm farms. Raise the drain off the ground as well to allow water to flow away when required and to prevent tree roots from growing up into the hole and breaking the seal. As in any garden bed, put taller ones at the back and smaller ones at the front, with others trailing over the edge. It seemed a good plan to dismantle most of this raised bed, and to put in its place the old bath. If this large planting container was then planted up with something that would grow up against the wall, it could get established without root competition, and in time replace the forsythias.

That old bathtub may no longer be welcome in your bathroom, but you might be able to grant it a second life as a garden planter. Virginia Cooperative Extension: Container and Raised-Bed Gardening. Picture of Wicking Bed Raised Garden. IMG_20110525_201541. Raised planters, also known as raised planting beds, provide an enclosed space elevated a few inches to a couple of feet above the topsoil, in which you can grow edible or ornamental plants. This is also known as wet feet or the bathtub effect.

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bathtub of a raised bed 3They just thought I would have a yard full of ugly bath tubs. I had a friend suggest making raised beds out of pallets. With that thought in mind, I combined the bath tubs and the pallet idea together and this is what I came up with. While reclaimed pallets are a great material for raised beds, Benton SWCD does not recommend planting fruits or vegetables in pallets. Use an old (or new!) bathtub to give some dimension to your garden. Ensure that the tub you choose has a drainage hole in it so that your plant roots do not rot. I drilled ample drainage holes in the bottoms of the tubs and filled them with salvaged soil mixture from the now obsolete raised beds, mixing potting soil the last couple of inches for a better seed bed. I have really appreciated my Really Raised Bed for starting transplants and nurturing tender plants I get in the mail. Water sits in the bottom of the tub and is wicked upward gradually by the compressed soil in the cups. Earthbags are a great idea for building raised garden bed surrounds because of their simplicity and their strength. Recently Nick led a community workshop to transform a townhouse patio into an edible landscape, with earthbag surrounds for a set of bathtub wicking beds. Ive just skip raided a bath tub and I was going to put it over in the allotment to grow come root veggies in – carrots, parsnips etc Is this a good. Yep I think bath tubs are an excellent idea as raised beds, and can be used as an excellent wall/boundry.

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Make bath time safe with bath safety products and toilet safety support from BedBathandBeyond. We’ve even seen old bathtubs and refrigerator cases made into thriving raised bed gardens; planted tub below photographed by D. Diane Weiss. I noticed on your website that you have one garden in a bathtub. Do you have any advice for a community garden group that has access to a bunch of new reject bathtubs?. Deck-mounted jetted tub with fireplace. Step-by-step: Build the ultimate raised bed.

Save up to 20 every day on Bed & Bath products at Rite Aid. Read this article for the answers to frequently asked questions about how to build and plant a raised bed garden for vegetables or flowers in your yard.