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Roll-up storage bags are great for traveling. Simply roll out air; no vacuum needed. Free shipping on orders over 49. Pack up to twice as much in your suitcase with the new travel cube suitcase size space savers from Space Bag. Designed to fit and neatly compress the available packing area in your carry-on luggage. Free shipping on orders over 49. You’ve likely seen space saving bags in late night infomercials and on the shelves of home-centered retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond. You stuff them full of bulky objects, like comforters and winter coats, and suck all the air out to compress them into vacuum-packed cloth wafers.

loft bed land of nod 2The SS bags were a lot of money, we got them and Bed Bath Beyond and no doubt, paid full price. And as one veteran of the dorm wars notes, you’ll never again have the closet space you did at home. Bed Bath & Beyond: Dorm Space Saver, 59.99; Samsonite Tote-a-Ton bag, 29.99; clear vinyl sweater rack, 19.99. Good space saver. Real Simple Iron Caddy & Board Holder offers a space efficient design with steel frame for strength.

As I open them, if I know how to treat the items (like clothes), I treat them and then bag them in clear bags. If I don’t know how to treat the items (like luggage) I’m leaving them bagged for the pest guy to look at. They are way better than the Space Saver ones I have tried in the past from Bed Bath and Beyond. We’ve got coordinating shower curtains, bath rugs and mats, accessory sets including soap dishes, tumblers, toothbrush holders and more! JCPenney has the best deals on clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, bed &. Try not to waste space in the bags by packing too much in them ( they won’t roll out as much air and be as useful to you – better to use more and pack less in them. I got a travel pack of them at Linens n Things or Bed Bath Beyond that has 2 small (for carry on size ) 2 medium (for suitcase) and 2 small personal item bags ( I use for socks and undies.

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The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer helps you save money on groceries AND keep your food fresher longer. Here’s why we love the Foodsaver, and the foods we store in Food Saver bags. Saver bags. I’ve gotten mine at Kmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond in the past. I have the vacuum bags from bed, bath and beyond and I really like them, they flatten out so I can lay lots under the bed without taking up so much space, also I found I can fit a lot more in a storage bin if I first put it in the smaller bags. I initially was using storage bins but found them to be expensive and took up a lot of space – I actually like the spacesaver bags and have switched over to them for storing my babies clothes. Bed Bath and Beyond, Sam’s Club, probably WalMart. Delete. Anonymous She had a three-pack of Romaine last in a vacuum-sealed zipper bag for more than two weeks without it browning or wilting. Size/Space: Where will you store and use your sealer? In addition, sealers can be purchased via the company’s own website, Amazon, QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and more. Drain the fat and rinse it in hot water if the meat is fatty, then cool it and package it for the freezer in meal size portions with the food saver. Buy commercial grade dual garment rack from bed bath beyond. The Container Store also offers a similar-type of vacuum-sealed space bag within a storage container.

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The patented one-way air valve allows removal of air from Space Bag Flat Bag using any household vacuum cleaner hose. The vacuum seal closure system seals like a sandwich bag but, unlike a sandwich bag, the closure is airtight. Do not fill beyond the marked fill line. I have complete bed in a bag sets plus the pillows in one and some comforters stored in some.