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Find great deals on eBay for Bed Bolts in Other. Shop with confidence. A metal bed frame is the structure that holds your bed up off the floor and supports the box springs. It is held together at the corners with four long bolts. Bed Bolts are used to draw wooden bed posts and bed rails tightly together, creating strong rigid joints. Use on antique wood beds and rope beds, where tendon end of bed rail slips into mortise cut into bed post.

bed bolts  2Well, I did it good this time. While doing the d-ring mod, I stripped out one of the T55 bed bolts. Do any of you have a suggestion for getting this thing out? I’ll need to get a replacement bolt from the dealer but have no clue how to remove the damaged one. Sometimes you’ve got to break a couple of the torx head drivers before the bolt will come loose. Sometimes you’ve just got to grind the head off the bolt before you can get the bed off. Bed bolts are usually 6 or 7 long bolts 3/8 diameter with a square drive head and integral washer. They are supplied with a square or rectangular nut.

I Stripped One Of My Bed

Bed Bolts