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Can bedbugs survive an airplane flight if they hitch a ride in your (checked) luggage?. In just about all planes the cargo hold and cabin are part of the same pressurized container. The Bedbugger Forums offer bed bug news, information, and support for people fighting bed bugs. I think the cargo hold is pressurized but not heated. Do you think you can get bed bugs from checked luggage touching each other?? Am freaked out about getting them traveling- I am staying at a friend’s place.

bed bugs airplane cargo 2The suitcases all get thrown together in the overhead storage bins and in the cargo hold. The bed bugs are usually going to be in the luggage, so they will just move from plane to plane while the plane is in-flight. Smoking hasn’t been allowed on airplanes for about 15 years. Sources. Information on common myths about bed bugs. You cant bring bedbugs back from holiday because they will not survive the temperatures of the planes cargo hold. In recent years, cases of bedbug infestation have exploded, and the critters don’t discriminate. Planes, trains, and automobiles offer places where these creepy-crawlies can hitch a ride, too. In the cargo hold of an airliner, your bag is right in there with other suitcases, says Missy Henriksen, vice president, public affairs, National Pest Management Association.

While many insects cannot survive at high altitudes, bed bugs can! 1) I found several claims of beds bugs at very high altitudes from people posting in various forums 2) I discovered info on the US Navy treating aircraft cargo holds for bed bugs as well as commercial airliners. Okay, I am freaked out by the thought of bed bugs at hotels, and have heard that you can bring home bed bugs in luggage, getting infested in an. Okay, I am freaked out by the thought of bed bugs at hotels, and have heard that you can bring home bed bugs in luggage, getting infested in an airplane cargo area. Bedbugs can get onto your suitcase anywhere there are bedbugs including the cargo area of an airplane. You should spray your luggage with Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray before you put it on the plane, and it probably would not hurt to go over it after the trip either.

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We learned that bedbugs cannot crawl up metal posts and were thankful that our next hotel had those traditional suitcase-holding things with metal legs – that started to make sense). Airplane cargo holds do not freeze, they are approximately 40 – 50 degrees F. Bed bugs are the last thing you want to bring home from your travels. Minimize the risk of bed bugs riding home in your luggage by baking your luggage in a hot car before taking it inside. Even better, use one of these encasements on the plane as well. Many people pick up bed bugs in the cargo hold of the airplane, as bed bugs easily move from suitcase to suitcase. Ideally, your first goal should be to avoid a bed bug infested room. Second, there is a myth that you can’t bring back bed bugs from a vacation trip because they can’t survive the temperatures of the plane’s cargo hold. AP: Can you really bring bedbugs home from a movie theater or airplane? Is it really possible for luggage to get infested in a cargo hold?

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For the frequent hotel guest, the bed-bug scenario has taken on nightmare proportions: Tiny, roach-looking parasites lying in wait, biting you sleepless and welted and then, as if that weren’t enough, crawling en masse into your bag to infest your very home with some of the most notoriously difficult-to-eradicate pests you could find, were you to look. Not only do you have people in close proximity via the airline seats and the uggage in the cabins, you also have the luggage that is stored in the cargo bay of the airplane and at the airport. The airline has responded to disturbing news of flight infestations with ‘no time to disinfect’ by stating plane was immediately cleaned before being returned to service. The airline says that while two bed bugs were found on a flight, it was immediately disinfected before the plane was allowed to continue in service. In New York City, one in 10 people has battled bedbugs: www. And if they can survive in an airplane’s cargo hold on long-haul flights – they surely can survive a Vail winter (only high heat kills them).

The page also discusses why bed bugs are immune to pesticides, how they bite and where they like to live. 1 Solution-Best Bed Bug Treatment for Airplanes in Massachusetts.