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They then crawl over to your luggage or take up residence in the upholstery of the seat where they will get to enjoy a free inflight meal (you). You got through airport security and now you’re airborne in a plane cruising at 30,000 feet above the ground doesn’t mean you’re safe from bed bugs! Be-Gone knows you haven’t heard much about bed bug-infested on airplanes doesn’t mean that these pest don’t exists. Its way too easy for bed bugs to slip into your carry on luggage while it’s stored under your seat. Plastic Bag Your Carry On Since it’s way to easy for bed bugs to slip into your carry on while it’s stored under your seat. The best way to prevent this happening is to encase it in a plastic bag, such as a shopping bag or kitchen-sized garbage bag.

bed bugs airplane luggage 2Yep..this is one way to get bed bugs. I recommend checking your luggage thoroughly after it has been on a plane. The bed bugs are usually going to be in the luggage, so they will just move from plane to plane while the plane is in-flight. In the car going home from the airport, I noticed a series of insect bites on the ankles of both feet that I had not had when I boarded the plane. When I saw my physician, he instantly diagnosed them as bedbug bites. I was eaten alive by bed bugs and had to throw away My luggage! He moved quickly to the front of the plane (disappearing behind a curtain), leaving me and my seatmate standing in the aisle, wondering what to do next. After a friend pulled up some pictures on his phone of bedbugs during our layover, I was quite sure that that, in fact, was what they had been.

Yes, rat droppings have been found on a plane, and bed bugs on others. Don’t put your coat or suit case on top of someone else’s luggage. (a) You are running down the aisle of a plane bawling like a newborn calf and. If you travel a lot daily, you should purchase bedbug proof luggage liners. For years when people talked about bed bugs the thought of run down, flea bag hotels came to mind. Not anymore!. It is not uncommon for a 4 or 5 star hotel, lounges, aircrafts or homes to have a problem or two with these uninvited guests.

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bed bugs airplane luggage 3Learn 7 ways to prevent bed bug infestations. It is possible they relocated from one person’s baggage on the plane and are now resting comfortably on yours. Bed bugs are small insects (5 to 7 mm in length) that eat at night and feed off of the blood of mammals and birds. Include luggage liners, sealable laundry bags and encased pillows with your luggage. If you find evidence of bed bugs, ask to move to another seat if you are on an airplane, bus or train. In recent years, cases of bedbug infestation have exploded, and the critters don’t discriminate. Safeguard your suitcase before you get to the airport. Basically, they will enable bugs to avoid the luggage and suitcase, but they can’t be depended upon altogether, says Jennifer Erdogan, director of the bedbug division at Bell Environmental Services, Parsippany, New Jersey. Rather than worrying about having picked up bedbugs from an AA flight, If so, are you sure they didn’t jump from another bag on the conveyor belt? The bites were most likely bed bugs or fleas, she says. However, this is a Heads Up to shake out our clothes and wipe down our luggage as soon as we depart a plane. A British Airways plane infested with bed bugs was allegedly kept in service despite staff knowing about the problem – a claim the airline denies. They can infest sleeping bags and luggage, so travellers may be inadvertently responsible for moving them around.

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The airline fumigated one of the planes on which it confirmed there had been an infestation and apologised to the woman for her ordeal. Frequently asked questions, faq for BugZip bed bug resistant luggage and clothing encasements to protect belongings at home or while travelling. I’ve heard that my suitcase can catch bed bugs from an airplane, taxi or bus. To remain bed bug free, please read my tried-and-true travel tips below. According to FlyerTalk members, they can also be found aboard airplanes including aboard airplanes operated by American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Albeit inconvenient, wrapping luggage in plastic can help prevent bed bugs from catching a ride to your home or you can use zippered plastic bags to individually wrap and protect the items within your luggage.

How likely is it that I could pick up bed bugs on an airplane? That’s why ThermalStrike luggage was created. It heats everything packed inside of it, to kill any unwanted stowaways. ThermalStrike luggage puts the heat on bed bugs. Ben Coxworth September 25, 2014.