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Roughly three hours into the flight, mid-way through a movie (BA does get credit for good in-flight entertainment options), I reached forward to adjust something on-screen. My neighbor in the seat next to me gave me a funny look but minded his own business, while I told myself it must have been the same bug I’d seen earlier, and tried to relax. After a friend pulled up some pictures on his phone of bedbugs during our layover, I was quite sure that that, in fact, was what they had been. Bed bugs don’t discriminate if you’re in economy, first class or business class seats. Cover Your Seats Recently released a light stretchable plastic covers that are easy to slip over airplane seats. An outbreak of bed bugs caused a British Airways passenger plane to be taken out of service. BA grounded the two 350-seat Boeing 747-400s after computer industry executive Miss Selkirk fed up by the poor response of the airline’s customer services set up a website detailing her ordeal.

bed bugs airplane seats 2The bugs, if there, would be in the seats and flooring not the blankets or pillows. They especially like to get into mattresses, box springs, and bed frames and on an aircraft, well you seat in your bed. Then there are the seats on the plane. The bed bugs are usually going to be in the luggage, so they will just move from plane to plane while the plane is in-flight. Yes, rat droppings have been found on a plane, and bed bugs on others. Our cabins and seats are regularly serviced, we found nothing unusual in our servicing of these aircraft and we received no other complaints from customers who flew on these airplanes or in these seats.

A 777 with UA’s old recliner business class seats operates between IAD and LAX so at least the bedbugs have not been reported on United’s new lie-flat seats. You happily munch them as the flight attendant brings you a glass of soda. You tilt your seat back a full 1.5 inches for maximum relaxation, and begin to peruse the latest issue of skymall. When flying or traveling by rental car, taxi, bus or train, examine you seat. If you find evidence of bed bugs, ask to move to another seat if you are on an airplane, bus or train.

Bed Bug Attack On An Aircraft

bed bugs airplane seats 3Anyplace there are people there can be hitch hiking bed bugs. Planes are great places for them, carpet, fabric seats, lots of people, hardly ever fumigated enough to kill them. Rather than worrying about having picked up bedbugs from an AA flight, It has never dawned on me to check my airplane seat, which would be very difficult anyway because of the patterned/speckled material on most seats. The bites were most likely bed bugs or fleas, she says. It isn’t immediately clear why the airline wanted her to surrender her premium seat. Since Sweeney’s bug bites occurred before her second flight, and were not connected to her seat on the new flight, why would the crew ask her to move to the back of the plane? One theory: Perhaps they wanted to keep any potential infestation confined to the poor schlubs in coach instead of potentially infecting the higher-paying passengers toward the front of the plane. If perchance the aircraft was infected, it would not be limited to one seat. Bed bugs are tiny hitchhikers which can travel on cars, buses, trains and planes as well. At the 8th International Conference on Urban Pests (ICUP) held in Zurich from 21-23 of July 2014, Adam Juson from Surrey-based Merlin Environmental, presented the issue of bed bugs being frequently found in aircraft seating. During your next flight, consider that one or more of these unsavory organisms will be in the cabin with you. Auburn University researchers determined that the potentially deadly bacteria could survive for four days on the rubber armrests of seats.

Bedbugs Inflict United Airlines Passenger

Soft, comfortable seat cover that protects you from bed bugs, lice, and other human parasites. Great for buses, planes, and theaters. Free shipping! Bed bugs, snakes and a peanut allergy in a middle seat would have yielded a trifecta payout. You’ve heard all about bedbugs in hotels, but did you know they’re also hiding (and waiting to hitch a ride home with you) in these common public places? Bedbugs are smaller than a grain of rice, but visible to the naked eye. With cushy, upholstered seats and plenty of human hosts, the movie theater is prime real estate for bedbugs looking for a meal. All kinds of people take public transportation, and bedbugs ride for free on planes, trains and buses. Bed bugs found on aircraft are not unusual, although BA does have some previous experience of how bed bugs on planes can attract undue attention.