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Features: -Sturdy 8 leg supported black steel bed frame. -No box spring needed. -Standard bed height suitable for standard length bed skirts. -Easy move from room to room. In our experience a mattress with no box spring is not the most luxurious of situations, but that might have been due to other conditions. Some companies (like Keetsa or Ikea) say that depending on the mattress or bed frame, a box spring can be superfluous. I’ve always used a mattress/box spring combo. If the room feels cramped, you’ll need a space-saving bed frame. Metal frames are available that support the box spring and mattress without extending into the room.

bed frame box spring combo 2Kmart delivers the sleep support you need with new box springs. Shop for a new bed frame that will help you rest easy every night. Best Price Quality Innovative Box Spring & Bed Frame Foundation with Skirt & Brackets by Best Price Quality. This bed frame does not require any box spring. It raises the bed up to 13 off the ground and creates extra storage space. 8 Instant Foundation Box Spring for Bed Mattress. by Classic Brands.

A boxspring is just the sthing to support you, and it will even help extend the life of your mattress. Sleepy’s. How to save money on a bed. (one that requires no additional box-spring, and uses slats in the bed frame to keep everything supported.) You can pick the mattress size that suits your lifestyle, but remember that bigger is always more expensive (and this includes an increase in frame, sheets, and covering costs, as well). Every mattress and box spring should work on a platform bed, though box springs are not necessary like they are with normal beds. A mattress and platform bed combo will usually sit lower than a bed, box spring, and mattress set, so the only time it would really be beneficial to use a box spring with a platform bed is if a taller bed height is desired. Minimalist styles have benefitted the most from this, but you can find a wide variety of platform beds that stand out from traditional bed frames.

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bed frame box spring mattress 3A box spring is often the best way to get it, but slats on the bed frame (or putting the mattress directly on the floor for that matter) can work as well. Sleep Portable Bed Frame / Foundation Combo; Bye-bye bulky box springs! Info What is My Account? My Account allows you to create an online account where you can store your updated and frequently used information to help your Tranquil Sleep Portable Bed Frame / Foundation Combo available at a great price in our Mattresses & Frames collection. It’s your easy, quiet alternative to bulky box springs or heavy foundations! My boyfriend doesn’t have a bed frame, just a box spring and mattress. I have the height of a box spring/mattress combo with under bed storage. A boxspring is good if you like your bed to squeak, other than that I’m not sure. A bunky board is essentially a rectangular frame with slats that gets covered with foam and cloth to be substituted for a box spring in beds (like a bunk bed) where you are trying to minimize the height of the mattress. Your choice between espresso wood or cherry brown wood frame! Includes a brand new pillow top mattress and box spring! 100 Brand New! The bed frame is built up high & has a solid frame for the mattress to sit on which leaves room drawers under the bed. My question is does anybody out there have a platform bed & are they just has comfortable has the box-mattress combo?

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The frame needed to be modern, on legs, without a headboard or footboard, and it needed to accommodate a boxspring without making the bed 4 feet tall. In case you didn’t guess from the italic-bold-combo, that last one was the kicker. Super tall bed when using platform, boxspring, and mattress. All King size mattresses come with a split box spring (two separate box springs, equal in size, which sit side-by-side underneath your mattress), and all Queen mattresses have the option of 1 or 2 box springs ( Custom Queen ). What pulls all of these mattress factors together is a high-quality bed frame. See more about Mattresses, Upholstered Box Springs and Bed Skirts.