Bed Frame Into Bench Sample Plans PDF

bed frame into bench 1

I knew when I bought it that I wanted to make it into a bench! My son was making benches from bed frames and other pieces of repurposed furniture summer. DIY Craft Projects Benches from Old Beds. You turned it into a bench, how cool is that? That bench was made from an old queen sized waterbed frame. I saw this bed at my local Goodwill and practically pushed over an old man to get to it! I had already made 2 twin headboards into a bench and had been looking for another bed to make into one.

bed frame into bench 2That’s how I wandered into Mason Jar Blue from Junque Boutique. I have an old bed frame in the garage, maybe one day I too will make something this gorgeous. Designer Ivars Gansons has turned an old bed frame and a stack of bicycle inner tubes into a beautiful recycled street bench. Each section was inventively created with reused objects interwoven to form a comfy looking seat. The next project will show you how to repurpose a bed frame into a lovely bench. Actually, you will reuse the wooden headboard and footboard of a twin-size bed.

Psychologically, I think the idea of a wooden bed frame makes it feel more official too:). Personally, if I was to adapt this for a tiny home that I lived in full-time, I’d try to find a way to use a foldable mattress or make my own separate cushions that arrange into a mattress with storage for them built into the bench.

A Junkchick Life: A Bench Out Of A Bed

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