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To place a bed in front of a window and make it look more awesome than awkward, peruse these 12 rooms doing it right for inspiration. It’s a disclaimer that should follow any tip post: You ideally know what looks right in your space, so if you’ve found a bed-in front-of-a-window solution that works for you, go for it!. South Shore Decorating Blog: The Top 100 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Bed in front of window. Whether it’s the only option or just the best one, here’s what to do with a window behind the bed.

bed in front of window solutions 2Windows and beds don’t mix and the first rule is to avoid placing your bed in front of or underneath a window. Sometimes the shape and architecture of a room calls for the bed to be placed squarely in front of a window, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Installing window treatments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing creates a more pleasant bedroom space. Placing a bed in front of a window can hamper a good night’s sleep. Hanging thermal-back draperies over the windows provides a darker sleeping space, as well as privacy when desired.

The first photo is actually my bedroom and putting my bed in front the window gave me a ton more space in my room as well. Window treatments in our bedroom play a significant role in setting the mood of sleeping and waking up. Interior Design Ideas, Window Treatments, Remodeling, Fabrics, Greensboro, High Point NC. Labels: bed in front of windows, bedroom furniture placement, bedroom layout, Bedrooms, contemporary bed photos, where to put the bed. Conventional decorating wisdom says to position a bed against a wall, not in front of a window where it might block light and views. But in a small room, options are limited, and it’s often better to create a strong focal point with a bed than to awkwardly push it to one side.

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I love the architectural effect this tiny space has, with paneled walls and a great wooden bed. A bed in front of a window, is surprisingly enough, one of my favorite looks. Website Development by Evenpar Solutions. There were two options for bed placement, one in front of the window and one on the opposing wall. In some spaces it may not be the first or optimal solution but, in others, it may really be the best one or the only one! My bedroom has only one option for the bed, unless you place it in front of or overlapping a window. I used to think that positioning a bed in front of a window was a big decorating no-no, until I saw these images. While covering any part of the window with furniture is not my ideal, I’m willing to try it to get the bed size and overall look I want for the room. Sometimes putting the bed right in front of the windows is the best solution. For example, a bed may look dramatic placed in front of a secure window; on a diagonal, which takes up extra space; sideways along a wall, to maximize floor space; or in an alcove (a technique called lit clos). Light colored furniture, walls, floors, window treatments, and bedding make a room seem bigger.

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Much of Feng Shui addresses the often simple, even obvious solutions for inviting in the chi and circulating it evenly throughout the home. Solution: Place something to catch they eye in front of the opposite window or door. It will be almost impossible to NOT put the bed under a window to place it n such a way that I can see the door. AND, with your bed in front of a window, you don’t have to worry about finding a vintage starburst mirror to hang over your bed so you can fit in with the Jones’! Am I right? Of course I’m right. Our window is slightly bigger than our bed any solutions for that?. Our window is slightly bigger than our bed any solutions for that? 1. A Bed Under the Window. This is the worst feng shui bedroom layout with the bed positioned right under the window. Are there good feng shui solutions for a bed under the window? The best solution is to move the bed. Window curtains might not be the most important element ever created but they can still make for a nice addition to many houses. Small bedroom solutions – bed in front of window (more wall space for dressers) and long curtain rod across wall with curtains to the sides (makes window feel bigger).

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