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Shop Backrest Pillow with Arms: Lounge Seating at – and save. My wife and I have owned the Superior Comfort Bed Lounger for 5 years. The arms are fairly high, which is great when lounging, reading and watching TV, but not so great if you’re using a laptop. With a headrest and arms that adjust like a custom-built car seat, the BedLounge Pillow envelops you with all-around comfort for sitting on the floor or in bed offering full, upper-body recliner support and stress relief for your back and shoulders. When I want to recline I just lean the entire Bed Lounger back at an angle; the internal structure is firm enough to keep the back from dipping or curving.

bed lounger with arms 2Light weight ergonomic hand crafted pillow providing comfort while reading or lounging in bed. Your BedLounge made my stay in bed much more enjoyable. My wife had bought another brand of lounger and we had to send it back. I especially like the movable lumbar pillow, adjustable headrest and the longer arms that make getting in and out easy. Bedrest Pillow Dark Brown – Best Bed Rest Lounger Pillows with Arms for.

Bedrest Pillow Dark Brown – Best Bed Rest Lounger Pillows with Arms for. In the past I used to put 3 or 4 bed pillow on top of each other and rearrange them to make one big bed reading pillow that I sat against while reading. The larger bed loungers are actually reading pillows with arms and not everyone agrees that the added size offsets the high price tag. Buy bed rest reading pillows, and backrest pillows at Brookstone.

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Browsing on a few websites we found Bed Rest Pillow With Arms from several manufacturers. The BedLounge is ultra portable, letting you turn your hard bed frame head into the ultimate relaxation spot. The armrests are made to move, pivot, and flex to your comfort while the side pockets easily store your book, medications, or remote control. The Back Wedge Cushion with Arms! Bedlounge is an adjustable, versatile wedge cushion suitable for use on the floor or bed. Anderson Teak Patio Lawn Garden Furniture Brianna Sun Lounger With Arm. This Cequal Bed Lounger (or Bedlounge) Reading Pillow has a navy blue color fabric and is regarded as a high quality bed lounge and bed reading pillow. Cequal Bedlounge Navy Blue Bed Lounger Flex Arm Bed Reading Pillow. Truly a breakthrough in back support bed reading pillows, the improved Flex Arm bed lounger is versatile, lightweight and beautiful with arms that adjust back and forth, up and down.

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The pivoting, FLEX ARM REST has actual hinges allowing the arms of your BedLounge to effortlessly pivot back and forth and be placed as needed as you position yourself. With so many of us reading or working on a computer in bed, we should all be concerned about bad posture. If you are looking for maximum back, shoulder, neck, and arm support here are the current leaders on the market:. The Sound Bed Lounger lets you lounge as you listen to your favorite tunes on the built-in speakers. Dottie Lounge Around Pillow Cover, Bright Pink 49.50. More Colors. Quicklook Lounge Around Pillow Insert 49. Adjustable head, lumbar and arm rests assure customized support for every body shape. Now available: the ultimate companion to the bed lounger – the Leg Lounger to support your legs for circulation and relief of joint pressure.

European style click clack sofa bed with split seat back. DHP Contempo futon, microfiber, futon, lounger, sleeper, arms fold down, click clack technology.