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Housekeeping personnel assigned to each room are expected to properly complete a series of cleaning and sanitizing duties as outlined in the steps that follow. This is the standard way to make the bed in many hotels. Corelle is known for its durability and longevity, as the process of. What is an efficient and faster way to make a bed? The article below, written by the coauthor of Managing Housekeeping Operations, William D. Frye, offers a 3-step process that will minimize unnecessary movements and reduce time to make a bed. BED MAKING Provide Support to Meet Personal Care Needs CHCIC301A. Cover the person with a procedure blanket before removing the top sheet.

bed making process in housekeeping 2First, take the top blanket off then take the linens off and make sure the patient is lying on their side. Now, move to the other side of the bed and roll off the old linens and replace the new ones. ThermaPure is a green technology and will not harm you in the process of ridding your home of bed bugs. I instruct housekeeping to make sure my blanket is clean and to not put covers or shams on my bed during my stay. As part of my room inspection process before unpacking, I check the bed for bedbugs. Professional Bed Making In Housekeeping / Step by Step Procedure.

Soap or detergent will aid in the cleanup of bed bug debris and allergens, making the environment healthier and more tolerable for those living there. Bed-making is the number one complaint from housekeeping staff, and here are some tips to make it easier.

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