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Trade with BED MATE-U Visit for detailed information on high quality Bedmate-U body pillow Basic. Product Description. Bedmate-U Body pillow is the perfect pillow for pain relief, maternity and pregnancy comfort relief and general bedding. Main Features. Bedmate Korea Inc. – Korea supplier of BODY PILLOW, PILLOW, CUSION.

bed mate table 2Pillow Factory 50/50 Feather/Down Standard 2-Pillow SetWith 1 comment. BEDMATE U-Baby Hug is a perfect ingredient for a deep restful sleep. Maximum Pillow Air flow to stay cool. Complete baby’s neck and head support. Product Feature: – It is stuffed with 5 million miceo beads of 1 mm size. Comfort U. This is not simply a cover, it is a beautiful pillowcase with easy care fabric that you can include on your bed as an accent pillow when making the bed gorgeous each d.

The Bodymate Full-Length Body Pillow will give you all the comfort you need for a restful sleep. Whether you’re in bed or on the couch, it’s perfect for snuggling. Spotlight has plenty of pillows to choose from to suit your individual needs. Back, front and side sleepers will find the best pillows at the right price.

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