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Item Type: Wall Lamps; Brand Name: Sunny Wood; Features: wall recessed; Usage: Emergency; Light Source: LED Bulbs. Shop reading lights and swing arm wall lights at Guaranteed low prices on all modern reading lights + free shipping on orders over 50!. The dimming capabilities offered by these light fixtures mean one partner can read or work in bed without disturbing the other (which always nice). With free shipping and free returns on 1000’s of wall mounted designs, it’s smart to find a new wall lamp for your home. Possini Euro Plug-In LED Reading Swing Arm Wall Light.

bed mounted reading lights 2Having the right lighting for a reader can make a big difference too, so we put together this top ten of best reader’s lights, ranging from affordable Target and IKEA offerings to lamps that you might need to dream up some money for. Northernlighting Seed: inspired by the shape of a plant emerging from a seed, the wall-mounted reading lamp uses energy saving LED bulbs and can be shaped into whatever need you might have while enjoying your read. It is a one light bedside sconce and reading light that is perfect for your bedroom. Tip: Hang wall-mounted reading lights close to the sides of the bed or above it (about 6 inches from the edge of the mattress or headboard). Perfect for reading in bed and other activities, canopied wall mount reading lights put convenient bedroom lighting at your fingertips. Whether they are decorative ambient light sources with shades, more utilitarian task lights with a focused beam, or a combination of both, these convenient swing arms and gooseneck reading lights give you the bedside light you need without taking up space on the nightstand.

Bed & Bath. This wall light is attached the back plate mounted on the wall for stability. The Wade Logan Swing Arm Wall Sconce is a multipurpose wall lamp that features an adjustable reading light and a swinging wall lamp. A bookshelf, reading light and bookmark combined into one smart product. Smeets has carefully considered the way people read in bed, and devised the LiliLite to meet every need within that seemingly simple act. LiliLite is easy to mount on the wall and comes with step-by-step instructions. If you enjoy reading in bed or playing games on your computer, having the right task lighting is essential. Today, we’ll share with you our Top 5 Picks For Swing Arm Lights for your bedroom, but, before we do, there’s something you’ll need to do or ask your designer to do.

10 Best Bedside Lamps For Readers

bed mounted reading lights 3Night Reader Flexible Neck LED Reading Lamp and Task Light. LED Night Reader has a sturdy clamp that will accommodate 2 1/2 inch thick mounting surface. It’s Exciting Lighting Satin Nickel Indoor/Outdoor LED Swing Arm Reading Light. Bedroom reading lights can take the form of a bedside table lamp, a pendant light hanging on either side of the bed, or wall-mounted sconce lights on either side of the bed. LED reading light provides a glare free light ideal for reading when the bed is in the down or raised position. Find bed mounted reading lights, anti bug lights and colorful lights for shower at sales and discount prices of 50, 100, 1000. Our bedrooms no longer have reading lights because we no longer require them. But studies have shown that using electric devices in or before bed can disrupt our sleep, causing us to be constantly tired and to lack the relaxation we need. One of the results is Lexa Fl, an LED wall-mounted lamp with a reading light extension that looks like a thin and sleek arm with a flexible structure which can be adjusted according to the user’s position in bed.

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BH50 – LED Bed-head / Reading Light. Collapse all Expand all. Product Overview. Daylight LED Module. Low total cost of ownership. Over 30,000 hours of use. These wall mounted designs are perfect for a wide variety of uses, while ADA compliant sconces maintain a low profile for halls and entryways. Reading Room Brushed Nickel George Kovacs Wall Lamp. August five, 2015 Bed Space Ideaas, Decor tips by creatives To assemble a reading through lamp by the bed is particularly convenient when one particular.