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The lottery for this year’s great Knaresborough Bed Race will be held tonight, at 7.00 for 7.30 pm, 16 March 2016, at the Knaresborough working Men’s Club. Part fancy dress pageant, part gruelling time trail, Bed Race will be held for the 50th year on 13 June 2015. Great Knaresborough Bed Race (11 Jun 2016). The Great Knaresborough Bed Race is an event for teams of six pushers with a bed-ridden passenger. In 2016 it will be on Saturday 11th June. Entries should be made before 28th February (see website link).

bed race knaresborough 2016 2The Great Knaresborough Bed Race has been run each year since 1966. The event is part fancy dress pageant as teams decorate their beds and themselves in the theme of the year, and part gruelling time trial over a 2.5 mile course through the Nidd Gorge, up the steep climb to the Castle, down the. April 15, 2016. The sport of Bed Racing has been embraced by the people of the North Yorkshire Town of Knaresborough, who hold the annual Knaresborough Bed Race. So, without further ado, here are my top 17 tech-ish theories for 2016:.

They inspect the decorated beds on the morning of the race and meet the teams as they gather near the castle to make sure that the beds conform to certain rules of the race. Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2016, Saturday, 11. June 2016 Tellison, Muncie Girls, Bedford Falls, and Esuna – Undertone Cardiff, Monday, 04. April 2016. The great Knaresborough Bed Race 2012 on 9th June consists of 90 teams who decorate their beds according to the annual theme. The bed and the team will be dressed as something from this country.

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bed race knaresborough 2016 3The Great Knaresborough Bed Race is something different: it is part fancy dress pageant and part gruelling time trial over a 2.4 mile course, ending with a swim through the icy waters of the River Nidd. On the second Saturday in June, 90 teams race ‘beds’ through the streets of Knaresborough. Raising around 100,000 for charities each year, it’s probably the. Knaresborough Bed Race. Posted. SiRAstudio 2016. Racers for running the Knaresborough Bed Race for our Young Carers (not least over taking 11 beds to finish in 12th place!).

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