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Adjustable Length Bed Rail by Drive. Easily adjusts up or down with spring-loaded release. Buy bed rails and other bedding products online at our senior superstore. Safety bed rails for home and hospital beds give security and leverage to elderly and seniors receiving care. Bed guard rails are typically extra long. We have easily installable guard side rails for less!. This type of equipment has many commonly used names, including side rails, bed side rails, half rails, safety rails, bed handles, assist bars, or grab bars, hospital bed rails, and adult portable bed rails. They are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes; some bed rails run along the full length of the bed, while others run a half, quarter or even shorter lengths of the bed.

bed rail lengths 2Because of this, it is important to measure mattresses, box-springs, and bed frames to ensure they all match before purchase; refer to manufacturer details when possible. The most common non-standard dimensions for full size and queen size beds include the following:. Rail length can be adjusted without tools to 37, 43 or 57 long with simple push buttons. Crossbars are easy to install and remove. Adjusts between 36 and 72. Accommodates a KING SIZE BED. Comes standard. Fits all home-style beds. This bed rail attaches to a twin, double, or queen size bed using the metal brackets and features a mesh cover. When not needed, bed rail slides under mattress. Item measures 20 inches high and either 43 inches or 56 inches in length.

We offer a variety of bed rails for seniors, or anyone needing help getting in and out of bed at home or on the go. Two Side Bed Railings for Elderly – Largest Selection Anywhere. Double sided, or two side bed rails for adults. These Home Bed Style Adjustable Length Two Side Bed Railings by Drive are ideal for keeping the elderly safely in bed. To order two side adjustable bed railings for seniors, click or call MTS Medical Supply at 1-800-854-4687. Truck bed rails are steel tubes that are mounted along the length of the back of a pickup truck. In some cases, owners might also choose to add a rail to the edge of a truck’s bed directly behind the truck’s cab. The steel tubes that are used are raised off the sides of the truck by mounts that are manufactured in different styles.

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bed rail lengths 3Each foam pad is covered in easy-to-clean blue vinyl, and extends down between the rail and mattress for extra padding and protection. Vinyl Bed Rail Pads are non-allergenic, mildew-resistant, and bacteriostatic. Two lengths are available. Shop for Safety Bed Rails at; featuring a wide variety of Adult Bed Rails to help you get in and out of bed safely and easily. Stander EZ Adjustable Bed Rail with Padded Pouch. Drive Telescoping, Full Length Bed Rail for Hospital Beds. Designed for home style beds of all sized, these bed safety rails help to keep your patient safe. Free shipping!

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