Bed Reading Light Headboard Sample Plans PDF

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Antique Art Deco Clip On Headboard Bed Reading Night Light Lamp. Headboard Shaded Bed Lamp Bedroom Portable Reading Light Hook Clip – Cream New. Hook this retro-style over-the-bed light with shade onto your headboard so it directs light right over your shoulder and onto your book, rather than off to one side from a nightstand. Perfect for reading or knitting in bed, this bed light is simple to turn off when you get drowsy; just reach for the pull chain and nod comfortably off! Easy to move or adjust without tools or fuss; over-bed lighting slips on with 2 wire-coated hooks that won’t mar or scratch your headboard. There’s also less chance of knocking them when moving around in bed.

bed reading light headboard 2Bedside reading lights need to be bright enough for reading, but not too bright to disturb a sleeping spouse. I designed a fixture which I could mount onto my headboard, push up and down and swivel so it can be pushed out of the way against the wall, using mostly ready-made parts because I do not have a shop and my construction skills are quite limited. Bureau DeBank Reading-lamp: a lamp and magazine rack in one, a great idea for us chronic magazine readers (our mags are sadly draped below and around our bed in the semblance of stacks). Habitat Flut Tube Lamp: Here’s an idea shown several years back in an issue of Livingetc (April 2005) showing the Habitat Flut light positioned on the underside of a bed nook. Another great way of providing light for reading in bed is using pendants.

Wall-mounted reading lamp on headboard.notice the switch by the pillows? But studies have shown that using electric devices in or before bed can disrupt our sleep, causing us to be constantly tired and to lack the relaxation we need. Shop Headboard Lamps – choose from a huge selection of Headboard Lamps from the most popular online stores at BHG. Riverside 32574-32575-32576 Coventry Two Tone Queen Bed with Shutter Headboard and Panel Footboard.

Mahogany Led Bedside Reading Light

Tip: Hang wall-mounted reading lights close to the sides of the bed or above it (about 6 inches from the edge of the mattress or headboard). Place them at a point that makes sense for the position in which you read: sitting straight up, stretched out on y. This bed is upholstered in leatherette and features headboard lights.

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