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At Levenger, we have always been strong proponents of reading in the dark so we will encourage and enable your habit to the best of our ability. Find the perfect book light to read in bed or add more light on a page just where you need it. You can stack a heavy reading light on your book or use a lamp that clutters up your nightstand if you need a little extra illumination in the bedroom. The LED lamp projects a natural, soft, and even light, making it perfect as a reading lamp. Where to buy. Portable Mini LED Bed Reading Light. 26.77.

bed reading light 2Reading in bed like never before. Introducing the ultimate, multifunctional product for reading in bed: LiliLite is a bookshelf, reading light and bookmark in one. The reading lights above our bed and under the overhead cabinets are a real nice touch and another example of the Winnie designers doing an outstanding job of placing lights, electrical outlets, cigarette lighter outlets and phone jacks everywhere I could possibly want them. It turns out that our gadgets emit a type of light that can mess with human biology.

The bedroom is a natural place to spend some time reading, whether you’re reading in bed or in a special chair or lounge in a corner of your bedroom designed just for that purpose.

Lililite: The Ultimate Bedside Lamp For Readers

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