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An ornamental cover for a bed pillow. Noun 1. pillow sham – bed linen consisting of a decorative cover. However, on his deathbed, he reveals their work on the gravity equation had been a sham. Brand confesses that he had solved the equation decades earlier, but had not admitted it because the crew of the Endurance would not have left if they knew they were abandoning Earth. Tyrion could retreat but instead he rushes forward onto the bed to wrestle it from her grasp. Furious, Tywin had Tyrion brought before him, and explained that the whole thing was a sham: Jaime had wanted to do something nice for Tyrion and felt it was time he had a woman, so he set up the whole thing.

bed sheet sizes chart 2Although it was revealed to be a sham, the group that gathered for the meeting decided to form a real study group. Throughout the semester, Troy and Britta had very little interaction despite being in the same group. The Dream Big Bedding Set is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 2004 and retired in 2005. A reversible pillow sham was also available as a complement to the bedcover. A pillow sham is a decorative cover used over standard bed pillows. Unlike decorative pillows, a pillow with a pillow sham can.

Page numbers used in this section are from the Penguin Classics edition (1993) ISBN 0140185976 I forget who it was that recommended men for their soul’s good to do each day two things they disliked it is a precept that I have followed scrupulously; for every day I have got up and I have gone to bed. No longer knowing the difference between sham and real, he had sacrificed his life to a spurious heroism. Wikipedia has an article about:. Bender D, Maller J, Sklar P, de Bakker PIW, Daly MJ & Sham PC (2007) PLINK: a toolset for whole-genome association and population-based linkage analysis. A bedding sham is a pillowcase with a facade. Shams are fancier, more substantial covers for bed pillows that serve a decorative purpose; they match the duvet, pull together the colors in the room or help set a theme.

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A typical bedroom has sufficient room for a XL full sized bed, a small desk, chair, and a dresser but very little else. Recommendations for the Ramble Management Discussions with many Ramble and Viridian residents, as well as issues cited on the Wiki on the Ramble, Viridian, and West Village pages, and those cited in the Aggie, have led to a series of recommendations for the Ramble management:. Also, their tagline is a sham: Maximum living? From Bed Bath and Beyond website: STANDARD OR KING SHAM: These rectangular beauties can make a bed. Okay I’ll have a look and contact you by PM in a bit after children are in bed. They make a flat, wood bed with designs and they paint it. The bed comes out beautiful, they line it with expensive fabrics, incenses, flowers, and if the person is REALLY important maybe even jewelry. As the Lost Light prepared to leave Cybertron for the second time, Swerve, Crosscut and Riptide hosted a series of crewditions, during which he rejected Groove, Bluestreak and Nautica for spurious reasons before Nightbeat revealed the whole exercise to be a sham Swerve had concocted purely for his own amusement. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki.

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In those days it was rumored that Ghassan, (a tribe living in Sham) was getting prepared their horses to invade us. When Hafsa leaves, Muhammad takes Mariyah to bed and has intercourse with her. But Lyja insisted, explaining that she had shared his bed and his life, and was soon to have his baby. After analyzing the egg, the Collector pronounced it a sham and disappeared. A soft cushion used to support the head in bed. (geology) A pillow lava. (engineering) A piece of metal or wood, forming a support to equalize pressure; a brass; a pillow block.