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So to confirm, this information is accurate for the standard UK bed sizes. What size is a Small Single bed? 76 x 190 cm / 30 x 75 / 2’6 x 6’3. About UK Bed and Mattress Sizes and a bed and Mattress Size Chart with comparisons for single mattress size, small single mattress size, small double mattress size, double mattress size, king-size mattress size, super king mattress size. Here is a handy reference chart showing the different bed sizes that are the most common in Australia. This guide to bed sizes shows the most common sizes. 92 cm x 187 cm.

bed sizes in cm 2Use our handy bed and mattress size guide to find the dimensions of all common bed sizes, specified in Feet & Inches, Inches and Centimetres. Bed sizes are not standardised and even if they have the same name (eg King size) they Other country’s mattress sizes are listed for comparison purposes only, and does not include every available size nor does it guarantee that all beds will fall under one of the mentioned descriptions.

Sizes of Beds, innerspring and latex foam. Dimensions of Common Bed Sizes. According to Sleep Train, the typical mattress sizes break down in approximately this order:. Find all the popular bed and bed linen sizes and dimensions for Australia. Includes bed sheets, quilt covers, pillows, doonas and cushion sizing. Buy bedlinen online with free Australia wide shipping on all orders over 100.

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