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A king-sized bed differs from the other sizes in implementation, as it is not common to have a king-sized box spring; rather, two smaller box-springs are used under a king-sized mattress. This confusion is however not limited to just one bed size. Please note: from a king size bed and upwards the standard length increases by 3 inches to 6 feet 6 inches or about 2 metres. About UK Bed and Mattress Sizes and a bed and Mattress Size Chart with comparisons for single mattress size, small single mattress size, small double mattress size, double mattress size, king-size mattress size, super king mattress size. One meter equals 39.37 inches.

bed sizes in meters 2Basically, a twin-sized bed is roughly 39 by 75 inches (99 by 190 centimeters), while 60 inches by 80 inches (about 1.5 by 1.9 meters) and king size beds are 76 inches by 80 inches (about 1. Size Guide includes Bed & Mattress Measurements. Staddons Beds have been supplying the trade and public since 1919.

What Are Twin Size, Queen Size, And King Size Beds All Used For?

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