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As one commenter mentioned before, it is developing area and as a result, some parts are much safer than others. Namely, the western-most portion of the Bed-. Bed-Stuy may be one of the hippest and most beautiful gentrifying neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but it’s not for everyone. An ex-resident on why she’s fleeing to Fort Greene after a year in Bed-Stuy. And how safe is it for tourists to wander from there to downtown Brooklyn and Dumbo? Is there anything we should be cautious about? Or is it a bad idea to stay there at all?. With Bed-Stuy some blocks are truly gorgeous and as safe as anywhere, then some blocks are bad & sketchy.

bed stuy safety 2One main concern is safety- anything can happen anywhere- especially in New York City- but Bedtuy is very block by block – some streets and beautiful, residential and peaceful but one block over can be rough. Bedford Stuyvesant, also referred to as Bed Stuy, is the largest black community in New York City. Answer 1 of 37: Hey guys. I have found an apartment rental for a month in Bed-Stuy (specifically Decatur and Throop) that fits into my budget (2500) and a friend will check out for me next week to make sure everything is on the up and up. Are Bed-Stuy’s better blocks really appreciably better that Crown Heights’ better blocks?. But like you, I also know a fair number of people who feel safe living in Bed Stuy.

My first morning in Bed-Stuy was the most amazing morning of my life. Meanwhile, the Bed-Stuy real-estate listings are crowded with dozens of million-dollar-plus renovated brownstones and brick townhouses. A worker at the Quincy Market, the closest store to four Bed-Stuy brownstones currently on the market for between 1 million and 2 million, said crime is terrible. The Bushwick/Bed-Stuy border never looked so safe!

Bedford Stuyvesant Guide, Moving To Brooklyn

As creative-class twentysomethings flock to Bed-Stuy, longtime residents have grown wary of the neighborhood’s burgeoning bar scene. The sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant is famous for its African-American heritage and beautiful brownstone architecture. Comprehensive crime and safety stats for Bedford-Stuyvesant and other NYC neighborhoods, brought to you by the DNAinfo. Bed-Stuy is now a draw for homeowners looking for serenity in its stately 1880s brownstones and it is a hip magnet for young African-Americans with a realtor-inspired name to boot: Stuyvesant Heights. Bed-Stuy isn’t as dangerous as what people are saying it is. Stay away from Marcy Projects, Sumner Projects on Lewis Ave, and Breevort Projects on. It’s been safe enough to shoot a movie in the past few weeks. Even if my friends did live in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick, why would I be upset about them being displaced? They would have been pushed closer to me anyway, like East New York, and that would make it easier for me to see them. I don’t mean to insult anyone by asking about safety, and yeah, I know its broad daylight, and bed stuy has changed, and all that, but still thought I would gather any wisdom people here have.

A Bed-stuy State Of Mind: Gentrification Shaken And Stirred

For New Yorkers who were around during the 1980s, Bed-Stuy was synonymous with gang violence, guns, crack and prostitution, and these associations still hold for many. Although Bed-Stuy bears an unsavory reputation, its tight-knit community’s dedication to their neighborhood continues to support improvements as renovating bars and cafes increasingly join its cadre of locally-owned businesses. A safe and racially diverse neighborhood- comprised mainly of families, younger professionals, and artists- this area offers many conveniences such as markets and local shopping, cafes and a bevy of dining/eating options. How safe is living in a Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed Stuy (Nostrand and Jefferson) for SWF in her 20’s? DOT buckled after Bed-Stuy community board members said pedestrian safety changes at this intersection would lead to traffic congestion.

Safe and less than safe areas Warnings or Dangers tips from real travelers and locals in Brooklyn, New York State. Bed Stuy and Bushwick are pretty much gentrified and the people that I know that live in those areas are definitely not walking through trouble on their commute home. Project Safe Stop, a brand-new community partnership connecting small businesses of Bed-Stuy and Crown Height, along with law enforcement to provide safe havens to individuals in need of emergency assistance, launched today. The sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood known as Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Bed Stuy, is comprised of two historically different areas, Bedford and the historically more upscale Stuyvesant. The 19-year-old construction worker killed when a retaining wall collapsed at a work site in Bedford-Stuyvesant had warned of prior safety issues.