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One of the overhead lights in a bedroom stopped working. The first thing I did was checked the lightbulbs and they are ok. I then replaced the wall switch. Hello the light in one of our bedrooms has stopped working (and yes i’ve tried with a different bulb) i’ve taken the rose off to have a look to see if anything had come loose, and the earth isn’t in place, but looks like it never was. Help! I have a ceiling light in my spare bedroom which has stopped working. I first tried changing the bulb and that hasn’t worked.

bedroom light stopped working 2My dining room light suddenly stopped working. I checked the bulbs, and they were OK. I went to the electrical panel to check for a popped breaker. None were. When the breaker is not tripped, but your circuit is not working, it can be a serious problem. Recently, however, the overhead lights in two bedrooms won’t work unless you plug something into a certain outlet in one of the rooms. So my bedroom light switch stopped working. I thought the old switch had just died, so I switched it with another switch from another room.

We have a light in our bedroom that just stopped working. We replaced the bulb and still nothing. There’s no loose wires to the switch. There’s no blown circuit. Working with electricity is very dangerous, especially when you do not have any experience. Ceiling Light How to Install Lighting In a Room With No Overhead Lights. From the breaker box it goes; bathroom light, hall light, bedroom light, porch light. All other lights work just fine. Why is my bedroom light not working?

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bedroom light stopped working 3And Check the room to see if the power is working again. If not, check your socket plates for a GFCI receptacle. Just changed the light fitting in my utility room, worked fine, went to put lights on in the living room and nothing. Downstairs lighting partially not working. When I tried to turn on light in bedroom two, there was a flash and my ‘first floor lights’ fuse tripped. Downstairs lighting not working, but none of the fuses tripped on the board and even reset rcd. I do not know the USA electrical system, only UK system – but i would check out all those switches & cables to lights I will wait for a US person to advise further, would not want to suggest you do something that may be dangerous in US. The outlets that stopped working are located in our kitchen. There is no power in one room of the house even the main light don’t work, we put a meter on it it reads. Our bedroom ceiling light stopped working. I checked the bulbs and checked the breaker. Bulbs were good and breaker had not tripped. I opened the wall switch and checked for power and discovered there is no power going to the light source.

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My downstairs bathroom lights and outlets in the neighboring bedroom stopped working. The GFCI outlet in the bathroom still works but must be on a different circuit. So I have a two story house and the upstairs is decked out with a nice bedroom and a living area. I have a jukebox and some lights. I have a 5 energy generater powering it and it was working fine for the past 2 days, but now the ceiling fan and the bedroom lights aren’t working. All my outlets quit working in my bed room. but they have power,. These wires can route up to a ceiling light or into a junction box in the attic or from an outlet in the basement or MOST LIKELY from an adjacent room.