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I changed the switch. From the breaker box it goes; bathroom light, hall light, bedroom light, porch light. All other lights work just fine. We have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor. Today, I had bathroom light and bedroom 1 light on. When I tried to turn on light in bedroom two, there was a flash and my ‘first floor lights’ fuse tripped. But what happens when a trusty fixture suddenly fails to light our way? If a new bulb doesn’t work, turn off the switch or pull the plug (turn off the power, that is), and try bending up the little, metal tab inside the bulb socket.

bedroom lights wont work 2I had this once before, where a light suddenly stopped working. If it is not the last light, then it will not as the others should go out too. Bedroom light won’t turn on. I a having an issue with my bedroom light. If that does not work, then get a tester and see if you have power going to the switch. Question – LIGHT IN BEDROOM DOES NOT WORK, EVEN THOUGH THE FUSE BOX HAS – CA. Find the answer to this and other Electrical questions on JustAnswer.

My bedroom ceiling light quit working, I changed the light bulb, and it still doesn’t work. Other fixtures and lights on the same circuit still work. Recently, however, the overhead lights in two bedrooms won’t work unless you plug something into a certain outlet in one of the rooms. This only turns on the light in that room, nothing works for the other room. Hello the light in one of our bedrooms has stopped working (and yes i’ve tried with a different bulb) i’ve taken the rose off to have a look to see if anything had come loose, and the earth isn’t in place, but looks like it never was. It won’t be part of the power that actually lights the lamp, unless the idiot who wired it up got his colours wrong (as happened at my parents house).

Ceiling Light Not Working (bedroom, Lights, Electrical, Circuit)

I wouldn’t have high hopes for it working though, it doesn’t sound right for what you’re describing. Alright so I was in the bedroom with the lamp. Went to grab something below a desk and as I bend down the floor creeks and the lamp turns on. One of the overhead lights in a bedroom stopped working. The first thing I did was checked the lightbulbs and they are ok. If reworking all the connections up at the fixture does not solve the problem. I purchased and used a circuit finder which was not conclusive when checking the outlets. The outlets and light fixtures do not have any current. No circuit breaker was tripped. Light bulb in the living room (light fitting, not a plug in light) blew last night and fused that circuit. So I can’t quite see how it could be a fuse for that circuit as the other lights still work. The bathroom light, 2 landing lights and one bedroom light will not come on at all but the other 2 bedroom lights are working fine. Ground floor and 2nd floor absolutely fine.. all of a sudden the four bedrooms lights on 1st floor aren’t working. (shaver lights in each ensuite WORK and so do lamps and small lights fixed on wall over bed.

Ceiling Light Not Working (bedroom, Lights, Electrical, Circuit)

After reading your post I went to the bedroom and check the plugin, and low and behold that was it. Find a lamp, fan or radio that works when plugged in another socket. If it doesn’t work then you don’t have power to the sockets. I tried to replace it with the correct type but the light will not turn on. After I changed the switches and plates on most of the switches in my bedroom, some of the plugs won’t work, including plugs that I didn’t touch.