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I thought the perfect solution would be a long narrow table behind the sofa for more convenient storage. I LOVED this idea of your table behind the sofa! I watch a lot of home decorating shows, read lots of home decor books and material and this idea is great! It’s a keeper:-) I’ll. DIY sofa table – a little table with electrical outlets behind your couch instead of a coffee table so you have more room and can easily plug in your electronics!

behind sofa table diy 2Learn how we DIY-ed a rustic sofa table using reclaimed boards. The table is almost completely behind the couch so there was no need for shelves or fancy woodwork on the ends – no one is going to see it! Tom also wanted to put 2×2 cross braces diagonally between each set of legs to keep them from bending in towards each other. Like I said yesterday, I had originally planned for the table to go behind the chesterfield sofa in our loft so I made the dimensions fit for that space and my table ended up being 48 wide x 28 3/4 high x 11 1/4 deep.

Even without instructions, my DIY Sofa Table was pretty easy to create. In other words, there are 2 x 4s being used behind your drywall as support for your wall. Finding a sofa table that is just right for your house can be quite challenging at times. Check out these 14 cool DIY sofa tables ideas. Absolutely love 2! Have you ever seen an eight foot long sofa table? Labels: DIY, popular. This would be great to make and put behind the couch my son uses as the seems to think the area behind the couch is his closet and throws all his clothes behind it – building this would deter this.

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behind sofa table diy 3What To Put On A Console Table Behind A Couch Young House Love. Creepy DIY Halloween Decor (Spiders, Snakes, and More). We looked for console tables to place behind it to house a lamp, but the sofa is 110-inches long..there aren’t a lot of options at that size, that are affordable anyway. Sofa Table Featuring Jenna Sue Design. DIY Sofa Table by Jenna Sue Design. It’s a great addition to the space just behind your couch. We needed some sort of table behind our sofa to accommodate lighting and for a place to set things since we can’t put a table on either side. However we couldn’t find a long thin one that wasn’t too. I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Alicia, voice behind Thrifty and Chic. We’ve got a great faux sofa table tutorial for you! See that big gap behind the couch?

Diy Sofa Table

Long Table/Storage behind a couch Home DIY This just puts a whole new function to a sofa table!!! by teegee24 on We are having this DIY pallet behind sofa table here built in a box style and offers a secret charging station to charge your mobiles privately while being busy. We had a lot of wasted space behind the couch that I wanted to utilize but didn’t want to spend to much and it needed to be strong. So here are my plans for a cheap, simple, and strong behind the couch bar/counter top. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. The table that’s placed behind the sofa is usually lower than the backrestAnother idea is to have the sofa or couch placed at some distance from the wall or to place it toward the center of the room, facing a wall. In a family room, the table behind the couch can double as a bar facing the TV and this way the layout would be suitable for movie-watching as a family or with guests. 20 DIY Desks That Really Work For Your Home Office.

With these clever ideas, you can fit more furniture into a tiny space. Cheap, sawhorse-style, behind-the-couch table (x-post r/woodworking) ( Build this simple table with outlets that fits between the wall and the sofa so you can keep your drink close, and no more digging around behind the couch to plug in your laptop.