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I do a lot of code writing and circuit testing. I am tired of having to turn on my FLUKE 179 meter every 30 minutes. I was looking into a bench top meter so I can leave it on while I am doing other things. Now before people jump in and say that bench multimeters don’t have things like capacitance meters, or whatever, I will point out that I don’t think I have seen a review of Dave’s where he is impressed with the performance of inbuilt secondary functions of multimeters compared to dedicated units like LCR metersThe other area people my jump up and down is the cost factor, however, the cost of one bench meter is basically double the cost of two hand held units (think fluke 87v), and remember that a bench multimeter takes the place of two due to the dual display functionality. I have been looking through Ebay on a good bench multimeter. I prefer the HP 34401A meters and there seem to be plenty of them for sale.

bench multimeter eevblog 2I currently have a Extech EX530 and does just about everything I need, I am just interested in getting a bench meter with more featuers. On this EEVblog teardown, inside the HP 3457A 6.5/7.5 digit bench multimeter. For more information visit Extech EX330 Multimeter Wins EEVBlog Multimeter Shootout. He later verified this with a standard 1-meter drop test from a work bench and captured the bouncing meters using high speed video.

Hewlett Packard HP 3478A Bench Multimeter. Hand-held DMMs are great for general measurements both at the bench and when out and about, or even just head-down inside a mixer. They calibrated my 3478A for a very reasonable fee, and that included their own van collecting and returning it to me. Here’s a video of Dave doing a teardown on a 3478A: EEVBlog. Ever wondered how expensive versus cheap multimeters hold up to abuse? Follow the EEV blog for any amount of time and you’ll figure it outmaybe. Bought the VC97 6 months ago or so and compared it to a bench multimeter that is calibrated regularly. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of EEVblog Podcast Feed by Unknown for free.

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FWIW I have a fluke bench meter, very nice unit but without a range knob, just an autorange and a keep on this range button.

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