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Chris Schwarz taught me that all I really needed were planes that satisfied the three basic classifications of coarse, medium and fine. Over time, I came to realize that a well-tuned low-angle jack plane might actually be the only bench plane I need, given the fact that my work does involve a hefty dose of power tools. Com website, through which he provides technique instruction, project builds, tool reviews and more. Joshua shares the various hand planes that you’ll need for getting started in traditional woodworking with hand tools. Woodcraft is offering a new line of hand planes patterned after vintage Stanley bedrock-style planes.

bench planes review 2Published articles – Do Veritas Bench planes cut the mustard? David Savage gives an independent expert review of their latest range. I honed the blade and pit it head to head against a new Lie Nielsen 4 Hand Plane. Hey Shannon, great review. I almost hate to do this review and risk people scooping up stuff that I really have become addicted to buying but I m a woodworker at heart an. View on YouTube I love to use my hand planes.

When it comes to larger bench planes, I recommend either starting with a No.5 (Jack) Plane (pictured right) or a No. My answer to this question is always a bench plane first and a low-angle block plane as a close second. Kobalt hand plane review – good enough for a beginner (

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The Bedrock and frog evolved from Stanley’s Bailey bench plane, the standard for nearly 40 years. Traut’s patent made the frog even more triangular and mated it more stubbornly to the bottom, while allowing easy throat-opening adjustment. The Stanley Plane – A benchmark in metal hand planes for the past 140 years. This experience has expanded to a great line of bench planes that are done right. Available in a full range of sizes – including now the No. From all reviews, it’s a good entry-level plane, perhaps not as ideal as Lie-Nielsen or Lee Valley, but with some tuning, it’s supposed to be excellent. Bench Plane features a 2 in. wide hardened and tempered steel alloy blade for durability. Review Rating: 3 & Up. No tool chest would be complete without the essential bench planes needed by the joiner. I would have very much liked to of invested in some premium planes from Lie-Nielsen or Clifton.

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Kobalt Smoothing Bench Plane. Being a newbie in woodworking and needing a plane, I did quite a bit of research. 33 Bench Plane at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices. (61). Read 61 Reviews. Write a Review. Smooth and shave wood with this handy bench plane. Hand planes are the source of great debate these days. I can’t imagine such a silly thing really. The No. 4 adjustable bench plane is precise and durable. Be the first to review this product.