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Our benchtop and portable conductivity meters, conductivity probes, conductivity cells, and conductivity standards are designed to offer maximum repeatability and accuracy in your conductivity readings. The HI2211 is an accurate and affordable pH/mV benchtop meter featuring automatic temperature compensation and two point calibration. A benchtop pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of liquid or semi-solid samples across many industries with applications in waste water, drinking water, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical testing.

benchtop meter 2Buy pH/Ion Benchtop Meters and more in our comprehensive pH Meters, Ion Meters and ISFET Meters stores. Conductivity Bench Meter Plus. Technical Specification. 0.01 S/cm200 mS/ cm (conductivity); 0.01 mg/L200 g/L (TDS); 0100C. Compact Design. Stand is not included with the meter kits. Each benchtop meter can be configured to fit your needs with the variety of optional electrodes, stands with stirrers, and accessories available.

The easy-to-use, microprocessor-based pH 700 benchtop meter measures pH, mV, relative mV, and temperature. The large, dual-display LCD provides excellent visibility even from a distance. Benchtop Electrochemistry meter UltraBasic Series. pH and mV meters for laboratory electrochemistry use. Perfectly equipped pH/mV/ISE benchtop meter with 2 channels and extensive functions for the simultaneous measurement with two electrodes.

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Benchtop meters are convenient to use in the Lab or wherever you need a portable readout. Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ440d benchtop meter is an advanced laboratory meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements. Benchtop Meters. Displaying 1 to 1 of 1 results. ph Bench Meter. This is a microprocessor based pH and temperature benchtop meter. The Mettler Toledo SevenExcellence Premium Benchtop Meter has an advanced, modular design that allows for a flexible range of measurement parameters. Buy Oakton pH 700 Benchtop Meter meter only and more from our comprehensive selection of Oakton Benchtop pH 700 Meter. Shop a variety of Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids Benchtop Meters at Nova-Tech International selling over 10000 laboratory products.

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