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Bench Top Power Supplies are available at Mouser Electronics. Power to Advance your Test. Our broad selection of both bench-friendly and system-ready instruments can meet your testing challenges – from basic to complex – with a wealth of available capabilities. Use Find a Power Supply to get complete information about any power supply in the Acopian catalog. Download Data Sheets(PDF Format). 1U Benchtop – Switching power supplies (to 720 watts) With Optional Auxiliary output (to 180 watts).

benchtop power supplies data sheet 2Shop for affordable bench power supplies including adjustable and programmable power supplies with multiple outputs and a variety of form factors. The PWS4000 Power Supply Series generates the power you need for your application quickly and precisely. The model 1550 is a compact 108 watt bench power supply delivering 1-36V and 0-3A from its main isolated output. A unique feature of the 1550 bench power supply is the USB charging port located on the front panel allowing the user to charge a cell phone or MP3 player.

No need to drill or work with the sheet metal of the ATX supply and the issues relating to that (like filings getting into supply)  – Quiet operation (Silent!). Bench Power Supply from old Laptop Power Supplies. By applying a voltage on the DATA lines of the USB (ie, don’t just connect +5 and GND) the device to be charged is convinced to start charging. With up to 540 watts of programmable DC power in a quarter-rack wide chassis, the Sorensen XPD is one of the highest power density products available in its pow. Data Sheet Download Here. Gaining a strong understanding of power requirements, maximum noise tolerance, and critical specifications helps paint a clearer picture.

Benchtop Power Supplies

OUTPUT PROGRAMMABLE LINEAR D.C. POWER SUPPLY DATA SHEET. This portable power supply is available as a single-phase alternating current supply unit or as a single-phase DC power supply unit, each with analogue or digital display and with continuously adjustable output voltage of 0.

Bench Power Supply From Old Laptop Power Supplies