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The ported betweetered 4×10 revolutionised bass amplification back in the ’80s. Bass Cabinets, the Standard PowerHouse cabinets represent the world’s best-built, best-sounding, easiest-to-move bass enclosures ever made! Make the comparison yourself. Get the guaranteed best price on Bass Amplifier Cabinets like the Gallien-Krueger Neo 212-II 2×12 600W Bass Cabinet at Musicians Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items.

best 2x12 bass cabinet 2With 400 watt, 2×12. K-Cabs First Impression – Nathan East Embed this video. Our new K212 bass cabinet doesn’t just look the part, it also sounds it. For you to be able to perform your best on stage you need impeccably clear sound, and that’s exactly what our vertical stacking concept delivers. Their skid design makes a better acoustic connection with the stage than most cabinets, which will give you a more focused bass and better definition in the mids and trebles. Finding a cabinet to groove with your head or combo ought to be the easiest thing in the world after all, it’s just a box with speakers in it, right? It would be great if it were so easy, but as the final link in the tone chain, the speaker cab affects the sound of everything ahead of it. Not many extension speaker cabs hit the guitar scene thanks to bona-fide patented technology, but that’s what’s behind the thumping heart of 3rd Power’s Switchback 212. Bass Player Magazine.

Buying new gear is a rare luxury for me, so I’m making every effort to get the best quality and versatility out of anything I purchase. My back can’t. The Foster high frequency compression horn tweeter is the most popular tweeter used by some of the best companies in the business. So its possible to make a enough sound for a gig with a 2×12 cab? The used market is really the best option, you can generally get 2×12 Mesa or Orange cabs for 300-400 bucks. Band has more amp equipment than necessary for the club IE a full stack for the bass guitar player and another full stack for the lead guitar player and yet another full stack for the rhythm guitar player all with at least 100 watt amps all with a PA system that was way overkill.


I’ve been looking at bass cabs, and the nice folks at Talkbass have recommended getting an Avatar. That leaves the choice of the 4×10 or the 2×12. If you prefer a groovy fat sound, the 410 is best. the 410 is fat, but won’t stand out. the 212 is punchy, but is leaner in the low end me personally, i would get the 212. Acme Sound has long pursued a unique view on bass cabinet design, one that continues to stand out as much today as it did in 1998, when Bass Player named Acme’s unorthodox Low B-2 2×10 one of the 10 Most Important Gear Ideas of the Decade. Arguably the best option is to mount speakers in a structure that’s rigid enough to withstand the peak force of an amplifier throughout the frequency range. If you prefer some serious volume an open back cabinet is your best bet. Hey I’m thinking about getting a 2×12 cab and I just want to know what are the ones you consider the best for metal. We love gear. We need gear. And we love to report on new gear. Here are the 10 most read stories covering bass amps and cabinets in 2014. Please do tell what your favorite 2×12 open-back cabinets are. The number 2 best is the THD 3/4 closed back (1/4 open for those that need help). With the closed back panel, you get a very focused sound coming off of the front of the speaker cones but with a strong bass.

Best 2×12 Cabinet Configuration

Re: best 2×12 cab. THD..bass response is second to none – light too. Orange. Bass response is second to none – light too. Orange..solid. Engl. Solid. Engl..again, solid – put some nice speakers in it. Marshall DSL100 head, marshall 1936 2×12 cabboss BF-3, homemade Octavia clone/smallstone clone/pt80 delay/ts 808 clone/bluesbreaker clone/treble boost/marshall ED-1 compressor/fish’n’chips eq. Don’t normally throw down but will here.  This is hands down the best 2×12 available period. Super deep yet airy 3D tone in the room from the porting. Hi guys, i want to know which guitar cab configuration (4×12, 2×12, 1×12 ecc. To quickly answer this post, I’d say the size depends on the bass response you want.

So, in your opinion what is the best bang for the buck 2×12 out there other than Avatar? Thanks-Jack. The thing about the Genz Benz is all of the bass, I already have a 4×12 with tons of bass, so I nead something with alittle more towards warm mids and highs, probably with G12T-75 s or Vintage 30 s or?????? Jack. Best 2×12 Speakers for a port city cab. I can’t decide on what speakers would sound the best in a port city 2×12 cab. I will be using various head’s but the main one will be the Egnater MOD-50.