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An automatic door is indispensable if you’re not always there to let your backyard chickens out in the morning and close them in at night. So, any recommendations on the best (most reliable) auto door? Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door Pros: worked flawlessly for 2 years. This is absolutely the best thing I have ever bought for my coop. Before I bought it my coop was often open and vulnerable to predators for far too long during the day, as I often leave for work an hour or two before it gets light in the winter, and sometimes get home well after dark.

best automatic chicken door 2You Have Found The BEST Automatic Chicken Coop Door Design! Thank you Community Chickens for your review on our Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Jayne had walked down to see the chickens and at first just found feathers. Silkie Chickens Make the Best Pets. An automatic chicken coop door will allow you to let your chickens in and out of their coop without your actually needing to be right there next to them. The first automatic chicken door opener is called The Incredible Poultry Door.

An automatic door solved that scheduling issue.The coop was purchased prewired for electricity, and an automatic chicken door was installed. I like Chris and Keri’s automatic chicken door solution for several reasons. The design is simple, solid, and cheap to do for under 20 bucks, and they have detailed pictures with videos, and a wiring schematic to make the process easy for someone who might want to follow in this direction. Having a friend check in on our chickens once a day is good, but asking them to devote early mornings AND just after dark visits to open and close the coop is just too much to ask of a friend. That’s the reason we wanted to invest in an automatic coop door.

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The controller includes a built in temperature sensor that will only open the door if the outside temperature is above 20 degrees F. This protects the chickens on cold winter mornings. Pet Auto Doors carries the very best chicken coop door, in two models! You can choose either our BASIC model or our ADVANCED model of our chicken coop door opener. Both models offer the convenience of automatic door opening. Bedding with sand is the best idea I have found yet. Here’s the link for the automatic door of our coop: Automatic Chicken Door Openers. With the Patent Pending Screw Drive design, this new product will be the most reliable poultry door and the best value on the market. We all see the ever growing need for predator protection, with coyotes now in inner cities, and raccoons and fisher cats everywhere. In this Instructable I’ll be showing how to make an easy automatic chicken coop door opener. The door is lifted and closed by an electric car antenna which is activated by a timer. I’m not the best at wiring, it took me a while to figure out my timer. Interior electric sliding door powered from solar-charged 12-volt battery Sealed 12-volt battery, solar charge controller, and in-line fuse Wiring Diagram Sales of pre-manufactured and ready-to-use chicken coops have also dramatically increased. Finally, even the best automatic controls that operate motorized doors and lights can get out of sequence with the day/night cycle, so I suggest including a manual switch that you mount just inside the main door or you may find yourself crawling inside the coop when the automatic door gets stuck.

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