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Agilent 34461A Benchtop Multimeter Mini Review. February 12, 2014 Stuart 17 Comments. The EEVBlog reviews are very helpful here, as every meter reviewed is torn down to the PCB level. With advances in technology, a high-end modern handheld meter will best older benchtop units, so for most DIYers, a handheld is the best option. Now there are many good looking bench multimeters out there, and on a budget of about 300, what is a good choice? I want to measure the usual basics, plus transistor hfe, diodes, frequency, henries. Sorry, I don’t have a cheap suggestion for a bench top multimeter.

best benchtop multimeter 2You cannot begin a discussion about the best multimeter on the market today without first asking a very important question: who is going to be using that particular multimeter and for what type of jobs. Any recommendations for a cost effective bench top meter? Time to upgrade from my portable ECG that I’ve used since 1994. I am building a home lab and need to get some Multimeters. I am currently looking for a benchtop unit with RS232 or other means of logging.

Member Pricing! Why? Sale: 1,095.00. 2 in stock! 0 reviews. Add to cart. I am looking for a good used on a budget bench multimeter. It is hard to get a better bench-top DMM bang for the buck in my humble opinion. VC-8145 DMM Digital Bench Top Multimeter PC Analog Bar Meter. Reviews by.

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Regarded by many as the best Fluke multimeter, the Fluke 87-V is a very popular model with incredible accuracy and numerous functions. Most people search for handheld multimeters, and these are much more affordable compared to bench top models. VICHY VC8145 DMM Digital Bench Top Multimeter Temperature Meter Tester PC Analog 80 000 counts Analog Bar Graph w 23 segments. I’m a huge fan of the Agilent 34401A – now superceded but still the best selling bench DMM ever. I have many meters from Fluke 87 to Tek and a couple of HP benchtop meters with 4 and 5 digit accuracy. To help you get the best multimeter, we have created a list of Cheapest and best multimeter manufacturers.

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