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Wine in a box used to be the equivalent of a ham in a can: best avoided outside of a fallout shelter. But a new wave of premium-quality boxed wines is earning praise from oenophiles, who also love the cool, eco-friendly packaging and long shelf life. We give you permission to reach for the box at your next party with four of our favorite wine picks. B ox wines (a.k.a. boxed wines) have become popular in recent years because they hold more wine than a single bottle, they're light and recyclable, they're easy to open and reseal, they chill quickly, and they won't break if you drop them.

best box wine 2Boxed wine is generally dismissed as the trashy junk food of the adult beverage world, approximately the alcoholic equivalent of movie theater nachos. We Got Two Sommeliers To Rank Franzia’s Classy Boxed Wine. But the biggest wine boom will come from the box, and here’s why. The Best Boxed Wines. Boxed wines have two major pluses in their favor: Their packaging is more environmentally friendly than traditional bottles, and they can easily travel with you anywhere.

A leading sommelier tastes box wine on camera. I’d welcome any information about which stores have the best selection of box wines in Manhattan. Boxed wine posts: recent and popular. The Serious Eats Guide to the Best Boxed Wine. Maggie Hoffman. But, in the name of ‘science’, I figured it was time to throw any wine snobbery out the window, and host a blind tasting party with several popular boxed wines. Going with the boxed wine theme, I made chili, and served popcorn and Cheetos.

Watch A Top Sommelier Taste Boxed Wines

We have never reviewed box wines in this column, until I recently noticed a few familiar names being offered in bag-in-the-box format. Loft ’13 Cabernet, Lodi,, A Best of the Reds, California, 18. Includes: bota box wines, from the tank, bandit wines, french rabbit, black box wines, and benefits of boxed wine.

Sommelier Tastes Box Wine