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I plan on refinishing a piece of old furniture to use as a changing table but wondering what height range is right? Any suggestions? Changing tables vary in height. Some are as low as 36 inches; others as high as 43 inches. Anti-tip devices (or furniture straps) are a good idea for all. Read our Changing Table Buying Guide from the experts at Consumer Reports you can trust to help you make the best purchasing decision. As mentioned, changing tables vary in height. Some are as low as 36 inches;

best changing table height 2Many parents appreciate the additional height that a changing table offers, which reduces the back strain inherent in parenting. Metal diaper pails cost more, but a really good one can be virtually odor-proof. What height would a change table normally be?We have desk that I don’t use, but was thinking that it could make a good change table (with padding, obviously) but thought it may be too short??thanks! font color 003399 Me (29) br Him (34) br 2 dog kids br Trying for child number one, early 2005 /font. We have wall-mounted and free-standing changing tables, baby care mats and accessories. We use cookies to make sure you get the best experience on our website. Plus, we design our baby changing tables to be at a comfortable height, which also makes it easy to swoop in for some hard-to-resist baby nuzzling.

I’m thinking of using an old dresser as a changing table. You can also get a pad and that would give it a little bit more height if you’re concerned, but I’d wait and see on that. I realize it probably depends on the person’s height, but I just thought I’d check. I’m 5’5 and my husband is 5’11 and we are hoping to use a dresser we already have for a changing table. Whether you use a traditional changing table or a dresser, what height has worked well for you??. I prefer it somewhere close to my natural waist height, but DH is a good 10 -11 taller than me (without shoes) so we re probably going with whatever suits me.

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best changing table height 3We have wall, cabinet and tabletop changing tables, baby care mats and accessories. GULLIVER changing table, birch Width: 82 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 93. Commercial diaper change tables vary as much as ten inches in height. Many standard-height thirty-six inch counters are used as the diaper change area. The table should be at the appropriate height for parental use. When changing your baby’s diaper, the best table placement and height is directly in front of and slightly below the elbows. What are the pros and cons to buying a changing table for your nursery? Read what BabyCentre mums think. The top is a table that’s just the right size for a changing mat. Below are shelves or drawers which can be used for storing nappies, baby wipes and other changing accessories. Learn how to choose the best baby changing table for your needs in this changing table buying guide. Check the height of the changing table and be sure that it is easy for both parents to reach the diaper changing surface without stretching or stooping. Not all change tables are created equal, so CHOICE helps you pick one that will work for you. The side barriers ideally should be at least 100mm (10cm/about 3 inches) high; this is high enough to prevent roll-off when the table is used correctly, and is easy to check in store before you buy, which is why CHOICE encourages manufacturers to make their tables with sides of this height. If you are short on space, a foldable change table could be a good buy.

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Compare the top 10 best changing table cribs of 2016 and read expert reviews. Crib and Dressing Table Combo This crib is small in size, but big on style. Peruse our list of the best changing tables for diaper duty. All you need for these changes is, at best, a change mat with raised edges, and at least, a soft but firm surface. When I look at the heights of change tables, the listed heights are from floor to the top of the rails which usually means the actual height of the table with the mat is around 92-93cm. Can you put blocks of wood (eg) under a normal one? Or you could find a chest of draws that’s a good height and put a change table top on that.

A changing table should be positioned in a height that doesn’t strain the back. The best way to experience the Leander changing table is to visit your local Leander retailer. Latest Review: Great quality change table! very strong and a decent size. Latest Review: We loved this change table, it suited our needs from a change table that is of good height, padded top, strap for safety, it also has heaps of storage compartments, great bath that suits newborns.