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Pictorial books to adorn your coffee table or some such, that represent some artist or art form are pretty straightforward subject and basic materials some as exhibition catalogues, some as pedagogic monographs and some simply as displays of compelling images. (from Andy Warhol to the Dalai Lama) intended these photographs as much a study in anthropology and sociology as in beauty of form and spirit of what he calls the architecture of peace a series of postures that bring the practitioner closer to touching the infinite. Displaying coffee table books is, thus, essentially an invitation to people to judge you. Every stupid supermodel/celebrity photography book is there, too. My list skews heavily towards photography because I think paintings and sculpture look better in the original but otherwise represent a broad cross-spectrum of the best in arts, nature, and politics in this format. 12 Coffee-Table Books That Make Great Gifts. Marking its tenth anniversary, Fantastic Man: Men of Great Style and Substance is practically an anthology, packing 69 of the best Q&As into nearly 600 pages.

best coffee table books photography 2Seriously, a coffee table book instantly transforms any surface, and adds a little extra chic to every corner of your home. The best thing about coffee table books is that they represent your personal style! 12 Coffee Table Books Every Style Lover Should Have. From Jazz Age Model to WWII Fashion Photographer, Lee Miller Sought Out Style and Adventure on Both Sides of The Lens. Best Books For Your Christmas Wishlist (PHOTOS, POLL). Iselin’s photographs are magical and sure to inspire wistful conversations about long walks on the beach. The best dinner party conversation doesn’t just cover the latest trips to Kathmandu and troubles at work, it delves into the mysteries of the universe. A great coffee-table book makes a grand thunk when it lands on the table.

Books shelved as photography-or-coffee-table-book: Outback Stations: Life on the Land By the People Who Live There by Daniel Mcintosh, 1900s-1990s by Nic. 100 More of the World’s Best Houses (100 World’s Best Houses, Vol. Pictured: A quiet shot of Sinatra by photographer Phil Stern, signed by writer Gay Talese (top); a steel flat file converted into a smart coffee table. The Coffee-Table-Book Gift Guide for the Fashion, Art, and Food Lovers in Your Life. While it’s hard to know if the person you’re buying for this holiday season has already read the latest best-seller, or if they’ve gone full Kindle, they probably still have a coffee table, which is where this guide comes in handy. The model and photographer team up to survey 1,000 unique contortions of the human body.

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best coffee table books photography 310 Travel Photography Books for Coffee Table Wanderlust. National Geographic has been celebrated for the incredible work of its photographers for well over a century now. This collection, Stunning Photographs, suits the storied brand. Our coffee table books will take your home library to the next level. Books make great gifts and we have a wide selection of subjects from cars to fashion. Irish photographer Quinn ensconced himself on celebrity playground that was the French Riviera in the 1950s and ’60s, and some of his work is celebrated here with his wonderful images like Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier and a tiger. It’s the best thing ever. And, to put the cherry on top, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to no-kill animal shelters. Best coffee-table books to gift this holiday season. The Most Beautiful and Intelligent Historical Coffee-Table Books of 2014. I’ll start with a few books of historical photography. Picturing Dogs, Seeing Ourselves, by Ann-Janine Morey, is a lovely collection of vernacular 19th- and 20th-century images of dogs and their owners. Traight from the pens of bloggers, celebs, and home design darlings, we’ve rounded up 11 current best-selling coffee table books, both brand-new and enduring favorites.

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Here are the best coffee table books for the adventure-spirited friends and relatives in your life. The book begins with his first photographs, taken in Yosemite and the High Sierra, which are some of the most iconic photos ever taken in these places. The Top 12 Coffee Table Books For Armchair Travel. For those of us who can’t (or won’t) quit their jobs for an around-the-world odyssey, cracking open a stunning photography book and embarking on a bit of armchair travel is the next best thing. Coffee table books are the perfect decorative accent for your living room coffee table. I tend to love books about fashion, art, photography and rock stars. Here are 10 stunning examples of NSFW coffee table books that fit the bill. Ralph Gibson is one of the best, if not the best, photographers at capturing the beauty of the female form.

Coffee table books are the perfect accessory for any home; they entertain guests, stack nicely and are timeless. Dogs by Tim Flach This stunning collection of photographs explores the deep and complex bond between human’s best friend.