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I have an old 20 drawer craftsman tool box set. It has non-bearing drawer sliders. What would be a good lube to use on the drawer slides. I have an old Craftsman bench unit drawers on one side and a cabinet on the other. My tool box drawers are sliders not ball bearing and most of the drawers very heavily loaded – the SuperLube works like a champ. Logged. Advice on Toolbox Slide Lubrication Shop Forum. As I was moving my tools into the new box, I decided to clean the sliders. I’ve never tried this on drawer slides but, Elmer’s Slide-All is pretty good on other stuff.

best lube for tool box drawer slides 2Other than some rust, two missing screws, and a mouse nest, the only thing wrong is that the drawer slides are very sticky. I used bar and chain oil on one slide, seems to work decently. White lithium grease, the spray can variety maybe? What would everyone recommend for lubrication on the drawer slides? I am going to BLAST it clean, and I want to relube the slides to bring it back to smoother operation. 2. What would be the best way to clean all the old tools? I also want to drench and degrease them all, so they are clean, visible and usable.

They are high-quality slides, but I was wondering if there is a lube that’s appropriate for metal drawer slides? The reason I ask is some ball bearing slides have little tolerance for the drawer box being either a bit too wide or too narrow and can cause much friction or otherwise prevent the drawers from sliding smoothly. WD40 is a fair cleaner for them, if they’re really gunked up, but not a good lube. Tools for Home Building. Northeast CO, Dry silicone lubricant in the spray can seems to work good for me, I use it in my snap on road box. I have used white lithium grease on the drawer slides on my Snap On Heavy Duty Road Chest for the last 10 years. I reapply it once a year. For my Craftsman box it says to wax the shell, grease the casters and grease the rollers. I’m up to date on keeping the finish par and it is in a fixed location so the casters should be fine. I want to make the ball bearing drawers slide better and stay well lubed.

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lubricating snap on drawers 3Form_change- dry lube is definitely something I’ll keep in mind, I know I have had luck with Drop’ll Do Graphite lube. I guess after trying Hoppes gun oil, Lubriplate, WD-40, Used motor oil, and even synthetic axle grease I forgot to think outside the (petroleum) box. However, even the best-engineered products need proper maintenance. The Matco tool boxes feature steel ball bearing glide construction for their drawer glides. Lubricate these glides periodically with the proper medium body grease. Now that I have your attention – I need to lube the drawer slides on my toolchest, top box, and rollaway cabinet. The drawers are not ball bearing,. When a tool box sees regular use, it needs maintenance to keep it in good condition. Periodically, owners should dust off and wash their tool box to prevent dirt and grease from building up. The interior also needs some maintenance to keep it in good working order. The same method can keep dirt out of the drawer slide rails. Keeping these free of debris keeps the drawers operating smoothly. Drawer Slide Set, 8-05388ALRS. 68.25 USD. Latch, Drawer, Lock-n-Roll, 15, 10-01185A. 3.15 USD. Lock’n Roll Drawer Latch (Wide Bank), 10-01085A. 5.45 USD. Lock’n Roll Drawer Latch (Wide), 10-885B. 3.15 USD. I have a macsimizer 2 tool box with roller bearings and a mac service cart with I guess track rolling drawers (idk what else to call them). Is there a lube or oil I can use on the drawers as a preventative measure because I’ll be one pissed off tech if my toolbox drawers stick. Clean the drawer slides and contact surfaces first. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

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While it is possible to mount the slides without a template, using one will make the installation easier and faster. Back to Top. Back to the Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides Section. However, even the best products of engineering need a proper maintenance. Matco tool boxes have a sliding steel ball bearings for sliding drawers. These products are engineered to soak a joint and / or remove an accumulation of coating and do not adhere to the bearings or the slides. These products reduce the properties of lubricants in the tool box drawer slides, and quickly attract dirt and grime. What are you guys using to lubricate the roller drawer slides of your tool boxes? I don’t want to put anything on them that may be TOO thick and actually wind up trapping and retaining dust and grit. I have also used dry film lubricant and silicone spray in the past with great results. What is the best way to clean the slides?