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Advice on Toolbox Slide Lubrication Shop Forum. If you are working in a very dusty environment silicone lubricants are likely the best option. What would everyone recommend for lubrication on the drawer slides? I am going to BLAST it clean, and I want to relube the slides to bring it back to smoother operation. But it’s in really good shape. Other than some rust, two missing screws, and a mouse nest, the only thing wrong is that the drawer slides are very sticky.

lubricating snap on drawers 2I have an old Craftsman bench unit drawers on one side and a cabinet on the other. The drawers are a bugger to slide open and closed. I’ve got some drawer slides that run decently, but not at smooth as I would like. WD40 is a fair cleaner for them, if they’re really gunked up, but not a good lube. Now that I have your attention – I need to lube the drawer slides on my toolchest, top box, and rollaway cabinet. Probably the best lubricant I have ever used is Prizim made by Drummond American.

It isn’t supposed to collect dust like grease and oil. It seems to be working good. I cleaned the crud off with brake cleaner and then applied the PB Blaster lube and they are smooth as new. Hello, as a long time reader and first time poster, I’d like to introduce myself and start a discussion on a favorite topic of mine: restoring kennedy tool boxes. However I’ve encountered a problem on several boxes, and the problem eludes me. sometimes a drawer slides smoothly, empty or full, sometimes only when. Form_change- dry lube is definitely something I’ll keep in mind, I know I have had luck with Drop’ll Do Graphite lube. However, even the best-engineered products need proper maintenance. Insert the spray tube of the white lithium grease aerosol can into the drawer slide, into the area where the drawer slide enters the tool box cabinet.

Non Ball Bearing Drawer Slide Lube?

lubricating snap on drawers 3You have so many to choose from. What is the best choice of slides for my application? Please take some time to look at the type of application shown for each group of slides on our Ball-Bearing Drawer Slide Comparison Guide. Is there a lube or oil I can use on the drawers as a preventative measure because I’ll be one pissed off tech if my toolbox drawers stick. Clean the drawer slides and contact surfaces first. Maybe try spraying the toolbox with some simple green degreaser and then powerwashing it. I agree, I think some non-skid drawer liners and new slide lube and I’ll be good to go. How to clean out and re-lubricate a batch of dusty old door slides from the back of the shop. I’d recycle them and move on, or clean them out the best I could and use them for shop cabinets. However, even the best products of engineering need a proper maintenance. The functioning of the drawer extended lubricant through the slide, and will lubricate the entire piece and the bearing Assembly. Liquid Wrench, best known for its specialty line of penetrants and lubricants aimed to make things work better, announces its dedication to helping Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) prepare the garage and home for the onset of spring.

Lubricant For Tool Box Slides?

I wonder if using PB Garage Door Lube would help. I’ve had a set of drawers with full extension ball bearing slides for a few years and haven’t had problems yet with lubrication on them even with lots of dust. If they do start to catch or get some friction from dust, I would thing a good shot from a blow gun remove the problem. Wikipedia: Lubrication is a good overview of the theoretical mechanisms of lubrication. High viscosity greases, such as axle grease, can clog up roller bearings and cause them to slide instead of rolling. So I took them off and am wondering what grease I should use, some people are saying not to use white lithium grease I forgot what they said but others are saying to use something like super lube or a all purpose grease. It works pretty good on just about anything. In my experience, with any friction type of slide (power window slides and the like) the go-to grease for them is white lithium.