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The experts at share bed linens that are soft and comfortable. Being that we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in bedding that’s not only comfortable, but stands the test of time. Best Bed Sheets There are many things to consider when buying bed sheets. The amount of styles, colors, thread counts and materials are almost endless and it.

best material for bed sheets 2Most people deciding between two sets of sheets would choose the higher thread count. We spoke with Tannen about what thread count is, why the numbers are so confusing, and how to buy the best sheets for your bed. Take a look at the sheet fabric types below to learn about what differentiates sheet fabrics. Sateen bed sheets are also smooth and lustrous but shouldn’t be confused with satin sheets. Look for a minimum thread count of 200 when selecting sheets. When buying cotton-polyester blend sheets, choose a thread count of 220 or more. Expect to pay more for higher thread counts, because it takes more finely spun threads to make them.

What should you look for in a bed sheet set? The best bed sheets have. The proper pocket depth. If you choose a fitted sheet that’s too snug, it may slide off. Thread counts for bed linen can range from as low as 80 for a basic fabric to as high as 400 for Egyptian cotton. Choose a fabric with a thread count of at least 100 and you can aim for more depending on your budget and taste. Don’t lose any shut-eye over scratchy or ill-fitting sheets; our mini guide to materials, thread count and fit will help you sleep tight.

How To Buy Sheets By Thread Count

Consider this a wake-up call to bedding makers: Only 4 of 23 sets of queen-size sheets performed well enough for us to recommend, and two of those were expensive enough that we suggest using coupons or waiting until they go on sale before buying. We also provide unbiased Ratings and sheet reviews to help you choose the best sheets for your needs. Choosing the bedding is based on the fabric and size of the sheets needed to fit the bed. Select the sheet based on fiber content. You can choose from standard, pinpoint, sateen and satin weaves. Sateen feels nice and is good for guest bedding that is not going to be used daily but it isn’t quite as durable as say pinpoint for daily use. –Donna Coppola, Basking Ridge, NJShopping for bed linens means being confronted with a maze of options: Egyptian or Pima? Percale or sateen? Learning to decipher these terms will help you choose the sheet that makes you the most comfortable. Learning to decipher these terms will help you choose the sheet that makes you the most comfortable. When buying sheets feeling them is usually the best way to decide – but not always! For some sheet materials (stiff cottons) you’ll have to sleep on them for a while before knowing if you really like them. Take a look at the Sheex line of performance bedding sheets and duvets for a look at the cutting edge of synthetic bedding as well as our signature line of Microfiber sheets. Choose the best fabric for your bed sheets. – Tetra Images/Getty Images. There’s nothing like clean, soft sheets on a comfortable bed.

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Our team of experts have selected the best bed sheets out of hundreds of models. Don’t buy a set of bed sheets before reading these reviews. Percale weave is more coarse than some other materials. Best bed sheets for bed? Thread count explained? Size of bed sheets? CHOOSING YOUR SHEETS The type of fabric you select when buying your sheets will make a large impact on your comfort level.