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I’m looking for a tablet strictly for comic book reading. (self.comicbooks). The new 12 inch samsung tablets are meant to be the best comixology tablets on the market, the 2nd tier would be a 10. I dont really want to own a huge stack of comic books (like the walking dead) and am a huge fan of reading them (comic books in general). And on the technology side, after the pyrotechnics of the tablet explosion with the introduction of the iPad and then lower cost Android devices from Amazon and Barnes&Noble there has been little ground-breaking disruption.

best tablet for reading comic books 2From all-in-one marketplace and reader apps to lightweight readers, here are our 10 favorite mobile comic book readers. Has apps for it such as Comixology and Madefire, as well as Comic Zeal, the BEST mobile CBZ/CBR/PDF comic library app. 4. Euro trouble? Do you want to know which tablet is best tablet for Comics Reader? (32GB, Wi-Fi, Silver) Best Tablet for reading comics and e-book.

It seems like from what I can tell the perfect comic 10 inch tablet is the Nexus 10. Actually I usually recommend it as a comic book reader when people ask me about. ComicRack is the absolute best comics app for android. So I’m looking for a tablet to ONLY read comics on. And while the NOOK itself doesnt view CBR files, the HD+ now comes with the Google Play store which has several FREE comic viewer apps that will open those files with no problem. First post, hi all!So I’m getting into reading comics digitally as well as physically and I want to buy a tablet to read my comics as it would have a.

10 Best Comic Book Readers For Mobile

I’d like to get a good tablet device to read the comics, but I’m not sure what option to go for. My digital comic book reading days have officially begun! In portrait mode, these rectangular tablets are fantastic for reading comic books since they better mimic a comic’s natural aspect ratio. Best-Tablet-Size-Today-10-inch-Samsung-Note-. The iPad Pro’s large screen makes reading digital comics a real joy in a way that has never been possible with smaller iPads or other devices. One of the big products announced was the iPad Pro, Apple’s biggest tablet ever. I have an iPad Air 2, and it’s a great device for reading comic books. It is hands-down the best comic book reading app I’ve ever used, and once you start using it you’ll probably feel the same way. Transform your Android smartphone or tablet into the ultimate digital comic book reader with these amazing, incredible, and uncanny apps! So E Ink is great for reading books, but tablet touch screens offer a bevy of other benefits. Their color screens mean you can read much more than books: magazines and comic books are just two examples.

So I’m Buying A Tablet For Absolutely No Other Reason Than Comics

Reading comics, particularly on tablets, is a delightful use of bright, vivid touchscreens. A Comic Book Lover’s Guide to Going Digital A Comic Book Lover’s Guide to Going Digital A Comic Book Lover’s Guide to Going Digital Whether you’ve been a diehard comic book fan for years or you just want to see what Read more Read more. Yes, Amazon’s comic book app, running on Amazon’s tablet, wanted me to log in to my Amazon account. One would think the app would take care of that for me, but no. 10 best e-readers and book-friendly tablets. If you’re reading comics, books with lots of illustrations or those with important drawing or diagrams, then a tablet might serve better than a classic e-reader. ComiXology, a leading provider of digital comic books from companies like Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse and Image, has offered a similar fit to width function for some time.

We help you select the right tablet based on aspect ratio, 16:10 or 4:3 based on use case. For reading comic books, the longer aspect ratio is perfect. A comic book page fits perfectly on a 16:9 screen and you won’t need to scroll around either. This guide introduces you top 4 apps to read comic on Kindle Fire HD 8, Kindle Fire HD 10, the cheap edition and kid edition, which released in 2015. Simply sync all your comics over WiFi with your tablet. Edit comic pages, rotate them to your needs, change the reading order or add additional information. If you are searching for your first tablet or looking to purchase one specifically for comic book reading, then this is the ultimate guide for you. Forums are filled with questions when comic fans decide to take the digital plunge and with each new device that comes on the market, the question is the same: What is the best comic book reader?. Now that digital comics have gone mainstream, there’s no shortage of programs and apps to read them on. But which comic book readers are the best? We take a look at the top five. These are the best tablet apps for news and ebook reading. Challenger is pretty straightforward; you just load your comic book files into a directory on your Android tablet and it’ll read them.