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Early colonists took note and began carving wood duck decoys from white pine and white cedar which were both durable and buoyant. How to Carve your first Duck Decoy. To make either a decorative decoy or a true working duck decoy the following steps are followed. Choosing the Best Wood for Woodcarving. Pick the best areas of the board to saw from. It might help to draw an outline on the side of the block to assist in your carving.

best wood for carving duck decoys 2A tree is round and the best wood for carving birds is the sap wood, which is the wood nearest the bark. With ducks, some carvers prefer the top grain to be on the side pocket side facing the view they wish to present first. Needless to say the tools used for waterfowling have seen vast improvements over the years, and, for the most part, the changes have been for the best. For the most part, modern day production decoys all look the same. Krum who turned 85 years young this summer, was a 1995 Michigan Heritage Award winner as a tradition bearer in decoy carving. Durability and flotation go hand in hand, and in most instances are connected to the wood or material being used for construction. Best wood for carving. IMO, boxwood is the best for general carving. Hard, dense, fine grain. Tupelo wood is a favorite amoung those who carve duck decoys.

Wood removal is wood removal and rounding is rounding so it’s all pretty much the same. With someone helping you. Stay away from the kits that you get at most decoy carving supply stores. Again like a carving knife the draw knife should be the best you can afford. Again I would not go below the quality of Flex-cut. Duckster is offline. Vincenti Decoys offers a full selection of decoy carving supplies. We handle a full assortment of Bird and Duck feet as well as a great selection of glass eyes,carving knives and sharpening straps. Epoxy all purpose, works best on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china and ceramics. Martha Stewart learns how to carve duck decoys with Phil Freed.


Quality wood carving supplies for the decoy, bird and fish carver. Jennings Decoy manufactures wood and cork duck decoys and provides a complete line of wood carving supplies for the decoy, bird and fish carver. Jennings Decoy offers some of the best cutouts of Northern Basswood in the world. Wood Carving supplies, finished and unfinished wooden decoys, bird carvings and duck decoys are available from Dux Dekes. We have been wood carving duck and goose decoys in the Adirondacks since 1987. Even though we have never had an issue, we thought it will be in our customer’s best interest to proceed in this manner. Your introduction to the addictive and creative craft of carving duck decoys. What’s the best way to make the most of what we have, and go about learning to carve? 3. CARVING WOOD, CUTOUTS, ROUGH OUTS, Carving Kits, Bird & Duck Kits, Bass wood and Tupelo, Beginner to advanced. Carve a basswood head or find plastic replacement heads online. Vintage Hand Carved Canadian Canada Goose Duck Decoy Wood Carving DriftWood Base. 24.95.

Getting Started Into Carving Wood And Cork Decoys:

ANTIQUE VINTAGE WOOD DUCK DECOY – SIGNED B.B.D. Vintage duck decoys Antique Red Head By Hutch Decoy Carving. Find great deals on eBay for Wood Duck Decoys in Vintage Hunting Duck Decoys. Shop with confidence. Vintage Hand Carved Canadian Canada Goose Duck Decoy Wood Carving DriftWood Base. 24.95. A duck decoy is a man-made object resembling a real duck. Duck decoys are sometimes used in duck hunting to attract real ducks. Duck decoys were historically carved from wood, often Atlantic white cedar wood on the east coast from Maine to South Carolina, 1 or cork. The best decoy he ever made was a pintail that he made for his wife in 1973. This decoy was featured in National Geographic in June 1980 on page 826. These titles include Wood Carving Basics; Carver’s Art: Crafting Meaning from Wood; Carving Duck Decoys with Full Size Patterns for Hollow Construction; and Carving Wood Spirits in Tree Bark: Capturing Unique Faces and Expressions in Wood. Carving Birds and Beasts The Best from Woodcarving Magazine by Woodcarving Magazine Staff ISBN: 9780946819928 List Price: 16.

Shop Wood Duck Decoys at – The hunt begins here. One of the BEST LOOKING wood duck decoys on the market. Zink has worked many hours researching, photographing and carving these true masterpiece carvings that capture the true beauty of Wood Ducks. Beaver Dam Decoys and Carving Supplies was started in 1980, as a small private company Simply the BEST hand carved wood duck & water fowl decoys available at GREAT PRICES! Visit our online store, and get your hand carved wood / decoy shipped to you. Wood can be expensive and beginners usually make a big mess first so my best advice to you is carve high density cork decoys and use the basswood for the heads. Welcome to Robert Kelly Woodcarvings – Hand carved wood duck decoys, birds in flight, & other decorative decoys. In 1980, I moved to Toronto where I started carving full-time. We have worked many hours researching, photographing and carving these true wood duck masterpieces. We not only captured the beauty and grace of the Wood Ducks, but also the personality and posture that they possess when resting on the back waters.