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Carving a wooden spoon is a great activity because the process is directed, but still has a place for creativity. But citrus does an amazing job at disinfecting and is good for wood and harmless, as opposed to bleach. So we thought the first thing to do would be to make wooden spoons from green wood and then dry it. And I think you might be better off carving seasoned wood rather than green stuff. This blog explains the properties of different woods and helps you find the best wood for spoon carving.

best wood for carving wooden spoons 2Garden apple tree prunings can provide fascinating shaped branch wood to carve. It would be a good choice for a wooden implement destined for a hard life such as a spatula. There’s something special about handmade wooden spoons, some quality that lifts them head-and-shoulders above the cheap imported utensils which line the shelves of discount supermarkets. And started to work on it. Of course, my initial wood carving experience produced a stove-top tool that was far from perfect. Say I want to carve a spoon from wood that I find, are there any trees I shouldn’t use due to their toxicity? Are any that are particularly easy to carve or hardy?. Good question, I never considered toxicity of wood in carving a spoon.

Q2: How do I keep my wooden cooking utensils looking good and not cracking? The grain will raise (what I call fuzzing) the first few times any wood is put into water. As a newbie carver, I wondered if any you old hands could advise which wood(s) are best for carving spoons – in terms of ease of carving, aesthetics, functionality etc. How to Carve a Wooden Spoon With a Few Simple Hand Tools. Fresh-cut wood with a high moisture content is particularly good for carving.

Wood Materials

Spoon Carving. Some years ago, my wife broke a cheap wooden spoon in the kitchen. It is best to remove wood from the center of the bowl first. However, if you’re wanting a good strong spoon for stirring bread dough, Maple or Hickory would definitely be a better choice. Long Wooden Cooking Spoon in Walnut Wood. I have a beautiful wooden spoon, one of my favorite things in my kitchen. So when I stumbled on an old article from Mother Earth News on how to carve your own wooden spoon, I was intrigued. Edward Smith’s Making Wooden Spoons from For the Love of Wood which has pictures or watching one of the many videos you can find on the internet, like the one above. Best Wood For Carving, Wooden Spoons, Carving Spoons, Bowl Carving. There is a lot to understand before this becomes a good experience rather than a discouraging wood carving experience. You can only carve so many spoons in a day, so it has to be fairly easy to carve, and there has to be a very good supply of it locally, and it has to be functional. Birch is always a good choice for carving spoons, cups, etc. the wood is non toxic and ususally costs less than maple.

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Carving the bowl and back using knives, and especially the curved hook knife, works best with green wood but not nearly so well with dried out stock as with kiln-dried wood. Simple yet challenging: carving your own, beautiful, wooden spoon may be the most satisfying thing you have ever done. The result, after a bit of tidying up, is Barn agrees really not bad at all: recognisably a spoon, and quite a good-looking one at that. How to Carve a Wooden Spoon With a Few Simple Hand Tools. Posted by. Spoons. The wooden bowl and spoon are a good starting point for making tools as well as a useful introduction to wood carving. Carving them will teach you the primary skills you need to implement when creating other useful utensils.

Also, be sure to check the comments, where a reader also suggests this episode from The Woodwrights Shop for carving Swedish wooden spoons, where they also provide suggestions for the best wood species to use for such a project. I’m planing to make some small wooden spoons for stiring coffe in small, (12 oz) French press coffee makers, (metal spoons are a no-no – cracked glass). When it comes to wooden spoons, chefs and home cooks alike can get pretty serious. Only true wood will do, and the best are hard, lightweight, durable woods like beech, maple, or the new eco-friendly favorite of many manufacturers, bamboo. I liked your method for making spoons,however, in your section entitled wood selection you said that oak was a good wood to use. While these are all huge issues we might find difficult to address, there is a process I think we should all try to start tackling these concerns: hand carving a wooden spoon. Before I delve into the benefits of spoon carving I want to make two points clear. Spoon carving is a widely practised art with a long history. At their best, both are three dimensional, functional sculptures.