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Building subwoofer boxes and building a custom subwoofer box. Because a subwoofer enclosure needs to be very strong we will use a composite wood rather than a natural wood. A good source of parts for the DIY’er is Parts Express. The box will be made by panels so will this be safe to do? for those who dont know what i mean by panel the box walls will be made up of multiple small boards glued together to form a one of the walls of the box. Birch is good in the plywood world. we are talking hardwoods here. Im going to build a speaker enclosure, and I need some advice on the wood. Whats the wood of choice thats affordable but good quality (looking for a.

best wood for subwoofer enclosure 2This Car Stereo Review article by Wayne Harris describes the process of building a subwoofer enclosure. Help with constructing your speaker box properly – using the right parts, bracing, sealing. Other necessities: screws, wood glue, polyfill to stuff the box, silicon to seal the edges (optional), and wood sealant to seal the wood itself on the inside of the box. When cutting holes in the bracing, leave at least 1 between the hole and the edge of the brace, and when using multiple circular holes it is best to have the holes staggered for more strength. Solid wood turns out to be a poor choice for speaker cabinets. If the engineer needs proof, show him any other speaker box in the world. From contributor D: All of the people that I have seen making musical instruments are always shaving and tuning the wood for the best sound because it all resonates different.

Building your own subwoofer box is a great way to get the look and fit you want, without spending a fortune. To determine the internal volume, just subtract the thickness of the wood to be used for construction. You can get good results with a box that’s anywhere inside the recommended range. Designing and building your own subwoofer can be a rewarding experience. To fully construct a subwoofer it can take a couple of days to a week depending on how fancy you want to design the box and how long it takes you to cut the wood. So far my plan – based on another instructable – is to use a 21 inch woofer (Pyle-Pro PDW21250) with a 1000 watt amp and build the enclosure myself, around 106 x 106 x 30cm – or whatever is best for projecting the sound forwards. So I’m nearing the end of building my first enclosure, now I just need to glue it together. I make a paste from regular wood glue and sawdust.

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best wood for subwoofer enclosure 3Alright so i got a design that i want to do and i was wondering what type of wood is best for making sub boxes and what kinds are light weight? Explains why this is the best 10 inch sub box design ever! The wood enclosure stands up to even the biggest bass sound, and the injection-moulded polypropylene cone in the woofer ensures a clear, distortion-free sound. This completely carpeted enclosure from Atrend features 1-inch speaker baffles and screwed down terminal caps along with a 12-inch cabinet design that makes the enclosure a good match for many standard subwoofers on the market. For consumers who want a drop-in ready subwoofer enclosure, the Kicker Comp DC12 loaded enclosure is a good option to consider. The wood enclosure stands up to even the biggest bass sound, and the injection-moulded polypropylene cone in the woofer ensures a clear, distortion-free sound. Add wood filler to holes and sand the box to make a smooth surface. If you are painting the subwoofer box, It is a good idea to apply primer under the paint. Joined: November 10, 2008Location: Louisiana, United StatesPosts: 2,670 Posted: June 22, 2012 at 10:03 AM – IP Logged ok so in the second picture, wouldnt every hole act as a port because you are pushing air through them? even though its still just the thickness of the wood, it still forms a cylinder inside the box?

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The best SQ driver out there will still sound like garbage in a poorly designed and built subwoofer enclosure (also known as a sub box). It should give you some insight into subwoofer box design. In addition, it dulls saw blades and router bits at an accelerated rate when compared to real wood. Truck subwoofer enclosures put out full, rich deep bass in your car’s audio.