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This is a list of common bifold door sizes that are fairly standard and readily available. The opening size for a bifold door is measured from the finish face of the opening, not the trim. Erias Home Designs Doors come in many sizes and are designed to fit properly and securely even in openings which are slight over or under size. We have 5 door patterns ranging from under 5ft to almost 20ft and over 8ft in height. We like precise sizes so ask you to measure in millimetres (mm) but if you have an idea of your size already select your size and door options and follow the guide. Opening Options.

standard bi fold doors sizes 2A bifold door consists of a pair of panels attached to each other with hinges. When you open the door, instead of swinging in or out, it folds in half at the hinge and slides on runners to the side. Door Size (WxH) in. Woodgrain 6-Panel Hollow Core Molded Interior Closet Bi-fold Door Model THDJW160600149. White 6-Panel Solid Core Wood Interior Closet Bi-fold Door. My Bi-Fold has an extensive range of Bi-Fold door products. High security hook bolt locks and one piece keeps on main opening sashes, and shootbolt locking on floating mullions. 5m, max sash width1m wide, min sash width – 700mm, although it is possible to go below this size we are unable to guarantee a smooth operation, all doors must be unlocked prior to being opened.

G.James bi-fold doors come in a range of standard sizes and configurations, which are able to be customised on request. The elevations detail the first opening configuration shown in plan view. At the hardware store I see bifold closet doors listed in sizes like 36×80, 48×80, 72×80. I’m not sure if these are nominal sizes or exactly which parts they’re measuring from. For double 24 doors, you would add 5 for the header size.

How To Determine Bifold Door Opening Size

standard bi fold doors sizes 3Our guide to measuring for your new bifold door and installation guidance. The following information is provided to assist supply only customers determine the manufacturing sizes and details of their bifolding door. Two bi-fold door units to span the 4 foot wide finished door opening. Origin Bi-fold Doors are completely bespoke to your size and configuration requirements, and as such, we can manufacture anything from a single door, all the way up to a 10 door set and beyond, each with different opening configurations. There is a huge range of bi-fold configurations available means you can install doors into an opening of any size from 1400mm and 9000mm wide and above. Installing a bifold closet door is a fairly quick and easy DIY project as long as the door opening you are trying to install it into is the correct size and fairly square. Utilise the space normally taken up by a hinged door and increase your room size by featuring a Hume interior bi-fold system. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, Hume can cater for any opening. Most large home improvement stores sell bi-fold closet doors in standard sizes to fit a typical opening; many also sell reasonably-priced kits that include the door panels, installation tracks, installation hardware, and door pulls or knobs.

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Unlike ordinary sliding patio doors, bi-folding doors give over a 90 clear opening. The opening creates extra room for entertaining and lets the outside in. PVCu Bifold doors tend to be somewhat cheaper than aluminium, but aluminium Bi-folding Doors are widely considered to be a far superior product. Threshold Video; What Door Configurations (opening styles) Can I Have? The number of panels you can have depends on the size of the aperture. For external folding sliding doors of all varieties come to Vibrant Doors. Choose the frame size, finish, door thickness and even the door opening pattern to suit exactly what you are looking for.