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A typical garage door folds up and back when it is lifted, drastically reducing your garage’s available headroom. A Schweiss Door will not only free up lost headroom but improve the look of your garage. Also known as bi-folds, the doors stack on the sides, without posts or fixed door panels to block views or breezes. Bifolding doors are suitable for garage spaces, living rooms, studios, and more. – Folding Garage Door design ideas and photos.

bi fold garage doors 2For garage applications, the conventional overhead garage door gives you the full width and most of the height of your garage door opening but interferes with the interior space above the door. Type: Bifold. Like closet doors, pairs of hinged vertical sections fold back against the sides of the opening. Bifolds aren’t as heavy as swing-out doors and don’t open out as far, but snow buildup could still prevent them from opening. Anyone have carriage style garage doors that are bi-fold? Seems like a nice way to add some style, and save a lot of space over traditional carriage doors (I’m not a big fan of overhead doors).

Garage Door Sales and Service for St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding Twin Cities Metro Area. Bi-fold doors often open faster than a conventional overhead door. Our Fire Station Doors offer Advanced Design and Construction to function under high cycle and severe conditions. Metro Ave Parking Garage. The advanced design and construction of the Four-Fold door enables it to function under high cycle and other severe conditions, which create chronic service and maintenance problems for the conventional alternatives. Urban Front can supply garage doors to match most of our front door designs, depending on the functionality you require. Perfect for a sleek finish where height is limited, our bi-fold garage doors are available up to a maximum structural opening of 4600mm x 2400mm high.


bi fold garage doors 3Designer Canopy-type Bifold Garage Doors for all Building applications has been manufactured for over 30 years by Schweiss Doors. Featured this month is this new installation in Jersey of fully automated bi-fold garage doors. These come with flush construction, a pedestrian access option, matching designs to front doors and the same features as our front doors with steel reinforcement, high security and high insulation. BP glass garage and entry doors offer an attractive alternative for architectural, commercial, and residential applications. CRL Sliding and Bi-Folding Doors offer the beauty of glass doors that can also serve as functional partitions and barriers in storefronts, shopping malls, offices, and even private residences. Artisan Medallion Series custom wood garage doors – elegantly designed and superbly crafted using premium choice woods. The Symphony Series is available in Swing, Bifold, and Trifold designs reminiscent of historic carriage doors. Wilson Doors Bi-fold Doors, Aircraft Hangar Doors, and Hydraulic Doors for Aviation, Commercial, Residential, Agriculture, Industrial, and Marine Applications. Most people wouldn’t associate rolling doors, steel garage doors or hydraulic doors with style, but Wilson Doors brings functionality and creativity together. For example, bi-fold and single-panel hydraulic doors offer different benefits for different applications.

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Express yourself and your home with a unique garage door made by Crown. Which style are you? Crown Incorporated is the exclusive manufacturer of the SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Fold, the Hydraulic Single-Swing and the Hydraulic 50/50 door & window systems. Just pulled the trigger on some house extension work which will require a rather large, by UK standards, door approaching 14 ft wide by 9 ft high to f. Quality, fast, quickly, effortlessly. Garage doors, hydraulic garage doors, Bifold garage doors, Higher Power Hydraulic Door. Call 785-462-6352.

The simplicity of the one-piece swing-up doors remind you of the past. Bi-Fold carriage doors imitate the classic beauty and strength with a four-segment facade. A Powerlift Hydraulic Door fits the bill. Many warehouses and hangars are equipped with vertically folding bi-fold doors, or doors that slide horizontally on rails. Advice on how to retrofit 3-foot-wide doors into an existing garage door opening, bi-fold style. July 13, 2010.