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It was time to upgrade my trusty Delta contractors saw. I had been using this saw for a while as a molder (more about that in a later post). Now, although the design of the T-square fence is simple, keep in mind that it is very specific. Although you can buy all of the parts from a steel supplier, they have to be joined together such that everything lines up correctly. As the name gives away this style of fence is much like a T-square, traditionally fences of this style are made of heavy gauge steel tube and angle iron, an example of this are Biesemeyer style fences.

biesemeyer style fence 2A Biesemeyer fence is a shiny silver dollar coin and a Unifence is a crisp new dollar bill. From HTC HTC830 Commercial Style Multi-Fence System with 30 Rails. For 35 years, Bill Biesemeyer worked in cabinet shops, and for those 35 years, he was frustrated with the inaccurate, time-consuming fences that came with saws as standard equipment. I recently bought a gently used Craftsman Professional table saw. I guess that you would call it a cabinet saw. It has a Biesemeyer style fence, and I purchased a new set of Delta 55 guide rails.

Does any one have or know of someone that has a fence and rail system new or used that they want to unload? My current fence clamping mechanism is awful. Where’s that post at,you know the one that members provided detail measurements,question wheather it was cost effective?:confused: I went back acouple of weeks and still can’t find it,seems that it was just posted last week. How To Make Biesemeyer Style Guide Rails: Table Saw Guide Rails.

Table Saw Fence Buying Guide: Biesemeyer Vs. Unifence Vs. Vega Vs. Incra

biesemeyer style fence 3There are two distinctly different theories when it comes to tablesaw fence design. The difference between the two, in my mind, is that when a Biesemeyer-style fence is off by 1/32, you beat on it until its right. Whether it is the Biesemeyer Fence, a Biesemeyer clone, a Biesemeyer style, there is obviously something about these fences that everyone seems to regard highly.

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