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Amazing! how did you attach the two bookcases together? do they have to be attached or are they freestanding and only attached at the crownmolding and base?. Part 2: Building in Ikea Billy Bookcases with Molding. by Rhoda April 3, 2014. Modified+IKEA+Billy+bookcase+with+extra+trim,+shelf+dividers,+and+crown+molding Love the contrast between the white bookcase and the dark blue background.

billy bookcase crown molding 2The addition of crown molding gives any room an automatic upgrade. DIY IKEA Billy Bookshelves Adding Crown Molding to a Bookcase. You can disguise the Billy bookcase’s particle-board appearance by adding crown molding around the top, making the bookcase look similar to its more expensive cousins. With the crown molding up i did the same thing for the base molding. Next it was time to hide the seams between the bookcases with thin wood called latices After a quick coat of paint and primer (matched from a small shelf) i was ready to style the bookcase!.

Full explanation and tutorial on how to turn an ordinary Billy bookcase into a custom made built-in. Billy Built-in Bookcase Crown Moulding Detail 2. Custom Ikea billy bookcases custom built. I couldn’t get a picture of it, but we just used the brackets that came with the bookcases. It is covered by crown molding, so no one even knows. Then we installed the crown moulding across the top. Just like the bottom of the Billy bookshelves the top is not flush with the frame so, to hide the gap I used a strip of 1 lattice trim across the front of the shelving.

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Then the crown molding came down carefully so we could replace it on the front of the bookcases. Creating an Ikea built-in Billy bookshelf is something I have wanted to do in this room for years. Crown molding wouldn’t work for us because we didn’t have enough wall space for the crown to sit. So, here you go, this is our own version of a Billy bookcase conversion to a built-in shelving system. Then, we added crown molding to the top of the bookcases. IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack – With Pretty Trim. My original plan was to add crown molding to the tops of these bookcases. But then I realized I would need to connect the 2 with some sort of bridge or something to make it flow better, and well, I was on a tight deadline. When we left you after part 1 of our built-in Billy bookcase posts, this is how we were lookin:. Considering cutting crown-molding is, by far, the hardest part of installing crown molding, and these arrive pre-cut the whole thing was a piece of cake. Luckily a couple IKEA Billy bookcases, some trim and crown and they look great while holding a lot of toys. I decided to give it a try although I have never worked with baseboards, crown molding, or any kind of trim before.

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Transforming stock Ikea Billy Bookcases into a built-in bookcase wall. We then went on a hunting expedition to find the perfect sized crown molding. Add some crown molding and trim or cabinet doors and you have a custom bookcase for less. Built-in IKEA Billy Bookcases, via Just a Girl. See how easy it is to transform the Ikea Billy bookcase into 11 custom-looking pieces – wall units, kitchen islands and more. Brittany of Brittany Makes stenciled an ikat pattern onto the backing of two wide Billy bookcases using graphite chalk paint, then added beveled crown molding. Before & After: Jenny’s Built-in IKEA Billy Bookshelves.

Posts about Billy bookcase written by doublejjones. How to Add Crown Molding to a Billy Bookcase. The Billy bookcase by IKEA is a simple, five-shelf bookcase made of laminated composite wood. In any modern home, this bookcase would serve its purpose just fine, but in a more antiquated home, it requires some sprucing up to improve the overall appearance of the room and the bookcase. Molding Kit. Pre-cut moldings to add to Billy Bookshelf easy installation. Step Six – Secure the front piece of crown molding to the front of bookcase resting. This post shows how to assembling an IKEA Billy bookcase. I finished painting the crown molding earlier in the evening, but just hadn’t gotten around to pulling off the tape.