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Moreover, the levels of arsenic (up to 50 parts per billion) described as dangerous in the lawsuit are half of those considered acceptable in Ontario, Canada, and one-fourth as high as those permitted in Europe and elsewhere by the OIV. So does that include box wines like Black Box and Botabox? Class action lawsuit claims some wines in U.S. have up to five times the amount of the toxin allowed by the EPA in drinking water. Cumming, GA – The lawsuit claims many popular wines made and distributed in California contain dangerous levels of arsenic. Here’s the full list of wines.

black box wine arsenic 2The wines Hicks found to contain arsenic were primarily cheaper white wines, including Pinot Grigio, Moscato, and Sauvignon Blanc. SEE ALSO: Stop Hating On Boxed Wine Everyone Should Be Drinking It. A class action lawsuit filed against nearly 30 California labels accuses wineries of selling wines that contain high levels of inorganic arsenic, which is a known carcinogen. Because the EPA’s arsenic standards apply only to water (and people drink less wine that water) researchers don’t know exactly how the amount of arsenic found in wine could affect the body, or whether you’re at risk if you’ve been drinking Franzia by the box for years.

But wines are allowed to have arsenic levels up to 100 parts per billion in Canada – and other countries allow even higher levels. A class action lawsuit claims dozens of California wineries produced wine with dangerously high levels of arsenic. If that wine contains arsenic at five times the EPA standard for drinking water, then 300 x 5 means you’re getting as much arsenic as the equivalent of drinking 1.

Lawsuit Claims Wine Contains Arsenic

CALIFORNIA — A class action lawsuit filed Thursday claims some of the top-selling, low-cost wines produced by dozens of wineries in California contain very high levels of arsenic. A new study published in Nutrition Journal has found that white wine, beer, and Brussels sprouts are dangerous sources of arsenic. But in this recent arsenic wine scandal, a Denver laboratory called BeverageGrades started running tests to uncover the calorie counts in bottles of wine. Chuck wine had three times the EPA’s limit, and that affordable box of Franzia Blush wine had five times the limit. Classic Cabernet nose of cassis, lavender, black licorice and a hint of new oak. The wines named in the lawsuit are primarily inexpensive white or blush varietals including moscato, pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc. Franzia is that box wine brand. I wonder if all box wines are suspect? We were buying Black Point from Sam’s Club last year. The lawsuit points to levels of arsenic of 50 parts per billion in the listed wines, which is below the international standards. Boxed wine is fine for sipping on the porch on a pleasant evening but not kosher for a dinner party. A lab tested more than 1,300 bottles of wines for arsenic levels.

Lawsuit Claims Popular Cheap California Wines Contain High Levels Of

Dozens of bottles of low-priced California wines contain dangerously high levels of arsenic, according to a lawsuit. A class-action lawsuit in California claims that 28 wineries produce wines that have dangerously high levels of arsenic. Does that mean you need to stop drinking them?. Dangerous arsenic levels found in California wine: suit. This box of Franzia wine has 500 percent (of) the acceptable level of arsenic. (It’s) one of the largest offenders that we found in our studies, said Brian Kabatek, the lawsuit’s lead attorney.