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If you’ve known me in the last three months, you’ve heard me talk about the Black Box wines, especially the Malbec. I said I’d never be the one to buy box wine. Learn more about the awards Black Box Wines have received from the top national and regional wine critics, including Gold Medals and Best Buys from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. 2011 Argentina Malbec – 2012 NextGen Wine Competition. We invite you to read about Black Box Wines Malbec, a robust and balanced red wine with berry and earthy flavors. Enjoy with food pairings like Italian dishes, meats, tapas and cheese.

black box wine review malbec 2Buy Black Box Malbec at the best price at Total Wine & More. Authentic Reviews. Best Black Box White Wine: Sauvignon Blanc. Black Box’s 2011 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has a peachy scent brightened with grapefruit, with a floral side that almost reminded us of a Riesling or certain late harvest wines. Black Box. Our go-to is their Malbec, which we grab every time we’re at the store. Pour the wine before guests arrive, have them taste it, and wait till glasses are nearly empty for the final reveal. Merlot, Malbec, Old Vine Zinfandel, and the red blend Redvolution. If you’re partial to dry wines, we felt the Black Box Sauvignon Blanc was worth the extra dollars in comparison with this box, but if you’re open to a little sweetness especially if you’re serving it with slightly sweet dishes like pad thai, the Bota Box riesling is a solid budget option.

But that box comes with a lot of benefits – the wine stays fresher longer; On the other hand, drink the Black Box Malbec now – and unfortunately – the one issue with a boxed wine is that its all too easy to turn on the spigot. Beer Review: The Lost Abbey 10 Commandments. If you would consider yourself a wine snob, Black Box Malbec and Black Box Shiraz are likely to please you. Wine Review: Black Box wines not to be feared. Here is a wine that comes directly from the heart of malbec country, Mendoza Province of Argentina.

Black Box Malbec

black box wine review malbec 3About a month ago a group of winelovers got together and reviewed a red wine that was deliciously soft, easy-drinking, medium-bodied red wine, from premium-qual. Black Box Platinum Series Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon. See a listing of local retailers selling this wine here. Bota Box Malbec. Searching for Malbec or Malbec? Review. Box wine bonanza! It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. Trying different varieties of the Black Box wine. Review. Box wine bonanza! It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. Perhaps if I had poured a glass and let it sit a little while it would have been better. Trying different varieties of the Black Box wine. Tonight we went with the Malbec and we were not disappointed. 3.5/Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon, (3L) 2010, 24.99. 3.5/Yellow+Blue Malbec, (1L) 2010, 12. Maipe Andean Culture Malbec (Mendoza) 18. Wine Enthusiast Magazine The latest wine reviews, trends, and recipes.

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This versatile wine goes with everything, or like in my college days, all on its own. You’ll see mixed reviews for all of the Bota Box varieties (people seem to love it or hate it), but I’m a fan. You won’t hear much complaining about any of the Black Box varietals, but the Syrah is a definite stand-out. A few years ago, Zinfandel came on the scene, followed by Malbec. Those two are now more common. Overall Bota Box is the better overall wine, but the Black Box serves its purpose. Labels: box wine, California, Chile, pinot noir, wine reviews. Black Box Wines–taste, convenience, and good value–are better wines in a box. Okay, Black Box wine may be convenient and portable, but the proof is in the tasting. Black Box Wines boxed wines Mountain Springs Lodge wine reviews wine tasting. Black Box has re-defined boxed wine with the exceptional quality that goes into every box. In fact, we have won multiple Gold Medals and Best Buy awards from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The grapes for this vintage were harvested from selected high-altitude vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina, renowned for its signature red wine, Malbec. Details Nutrition Description Customer Reviews.

2009 Yellow and Blue Malbec. This easy-drinking wine boasts vivid flavors of blackberries and red plums, and a velvety richness that lingers in the mouth.’s Review of Black Box 2013 Malbec Argentina Argentina.’s Review of Black Box 2014 Malbec Mendoza Argentina. Black Box Wines makes America’s highest quality, vintage dated boxed wine from the world’s premier growing regions. Black Box Malbec (2008). View more Reviews. Reverse Wine Snob reviews the Las Perdices Malbec. Bottle or Box, You Can’t Go Wrong with this Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. The Reverse Wine Snob: The Best Box Wines – Black Box Platinum Central Coast Cabernet. Stores and prices for ‘Black Box Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina’. Find who stocks this wine, and at what price.