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I wa wondering if anyone knew if they made anything to block or surround entertainment centers from curious kids? My nephew is 14 months and he is constantly wanting to play with my stereo or push buttons on our DVR receiver. So you can watch movies on there with your child without them pressing every button? Or is there a keyboard lock button? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. I had to put the center channel speaker behind the TV to keep him away from that. We used baby gates to wall off our computer area and entertainment stuff. Easier than trying to block of all the things she isn’t allowed to touch. And we have no issues with using baby gates, as Guinevere is lightening fast, is VERY quick to open. So if you’re anti-baby gate, please ignore this post, as moving the entertainment center, etc., is not an option, nor is keeping baby out of the living room entirely (it’s her house too — we just want to make sure it’s safe). We’re looking for some type of gate that can be used to block off the entire corner, so it needs to be long, but cannot be solid (like a screen pullout type gate ) because the remotes must work through it.

block entertainment center from baby 2What can I do to help baby proof the system (besides do my best to make sure he never gets to it)?. Many companies make entertainment centers like this one from Ikea. How We Childproofed Our Open Entertainment Center. At that time we were still using it everyday for Owen, so it made sense, since it was out and in our way all the time anyway — might as well put it to good use, right? But as we began using it less and less for Owen, and more and more as a place to store toys and block the entertainment center. We wanted something that would still make it possible for us to change the channel while our child blocking device was up. If you put a gate in front of the entertainment center, what do you secure it to? Thanks!.

Seamus has been fascinated by the blinking lights of the entertainment center since he came home nine months ago. Whereas his brother Archer is content in sitting in the middle of the floor trying to get his hands inside his diaper, Seamus is an infant technophile. Are you overlooking something that’s dangerous to your child? We had plugs in all the outlets and latches on the entertainment center, she says. Food accounts for the majority of child choking injuries, and the most common culprits are small, round, hard, or gummy foods that easily block the airway. Thread: How to keep baby away from things that can’t be babyproofed? In our last place the entertainment center was in a corner so we only had to deal with one end exposed and we pushed her toy basket in front of that end which worked. At our new house the entertainment center has both ends open and one end is along a major traffic route so I can’t really put something there to block it.


Also, I think this is our exact same entertainment center. excellent baby proofing option. Owen, and more and more as a place to store toys and block the entertainment center. See more about Entertainment Center, The Glass and Creativity. See more about Corner Tv, Entertainment Centers and Tv Stands. DIY cinder block TV cabinet. Shop the Nursery Natural & Organics Baby Registry Baby Box Subscription Parent & Baby Center Walmart Baby Blog Baby Health & Development Guide. Baby-proofing your home entertainment gear will help protect both your investment and your child. Follow these seven tips to a safer home. Visit our Shopping Store Directory and Interactive Map. Browse by Store Area or Category.

Baby-proofing Tips For Gamers: Turn The Gate Around

The past month has been a giant lesson in baby proofing our home as he has learned to pull himself up to standing and toddle along next to any surface that will support him. The mother of a child at the center of a circumcision debate filed a lawsuit in federal court to block state action on the case. Shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday police were called to a day care center in the 3500 block of Germantown Avenue for an unresponsive baby girl. I have coffee table blocking entertainment center. This he easily slides away. Not only does the Tv sit low in this, there is a glass door all the way to the floor.